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Do us a favor, OBAMA, "Care" LESS.

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Its a good thing he is out there doing this, it will keep him from F***KING the nation up more.

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OR, he should give an LBJ 1968 speech. Like--ASAP

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Exactly, Sassy.

As far as this fart giving himself airs..
As Gen G. Patton said;
"From one bastard to the next."

Clinton is a f'n hypocrite and evil, whore monger, rapist of women.

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EVERYONE KNOWS this idiot is a damned Communist--the only people that listen to this schumck are KIDS.

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This is truly shocking!

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Well, we all know that Maher is a Bolshevik/Commie, so this is really not news.
Bachmann will move on like a champ, she always does, she knows that politics are dirty.
Palin will write on her f.b page.

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Nke, you say 'racist' like its a bad thing...

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Child, or Sheriff Joe.
Women in power are a bad mistake.
Men are sooo willing to just give up the job that God gave to them; leadership.
Jeremiah 31
22 How long wilt you go around in circles, O you backsliding daughter? for the Hashem has created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall surround a man.

---We are FAR away from the will of God. MEN were made to rule, men were made to lead.
Man has become weak.

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Holocaust of innocent babies. Leftists who claim they are 'civil rights' activist lie so much.
These are insane people that remind me of sodom and gomorrah---without conscience.