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Not to be left out of the party, we here in Utah woke up to the story of a 14 year old girl accidentally shot to death by her sister.

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My careful research on this matter determined that this is what was on Bush's back.

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I think Texas has turned this axiom around and each of their villages has it's one non-idiot. Florida too. it seems,

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I am sure that a company well known for distorting facts would never attempt to distort facts on their tax returns. They've never impressed me with an ability to distort without raising red flags. I bet the IRS' computers were going off like a Drudge siren when it got to their returns.

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David Gregory was a left-leaning voice? David had his head so far up the beltways ass, there was no possible way to determine what direction he leaned. David had a unique ability to ask what seemed to be questions based on some knowledge and then quickly dispelling the idea that there was any knowledge kicking around in that head of his by accepting any bullshit answer he got without question, no matter how ridiculous or untrue it was.

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The Hill is reporting that due to some legal wrangling about removing candidates after the primary, Taylor or a chosen Democratic substitute may have to be on the ballot.
The Republicans are doing a happy dance at that news as if it will make a difference. After this little bombshell event, do they really think the ticket will be split? Do they believe the people of Kansas are dumb enough to vote for a more high profile quitter than Sarah Palin?

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Sugerman Rodriguez? At least in South Africa.

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Should we be mad at this asshole cop or the assholes who run the department that made behavior like this standard protocol?

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Peewee Herman.

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Yeah, we American's aren't too bright anymore. One of the finalists on America's Got Talent was a rope jumping team.

OT. One of my favorite bands was AGT last year and made it 3 rounds. American HItmen includes 3 USMC vets, 2 of them brothers, that got together in Fallujah. If you're a fan of rock and roll, I'm sure you'll like these guys.
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