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Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks didn't say "Democrat Party!" RINO! Inpeech!!!

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All the people wearing Mitch shirts fit the Fox News demographic: old, white, bitter, angry, and frightened.

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Every time I see him or hear the words "Trey Gowdy" I start hearing Dueling Banjos...

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And the difference between these guys and the Russian separatists, who just shot down the Malaysian airliner is...these guys don't have SAMs. Yet.

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“The [sic] want to functionally criminalize Christianity through the tax code." She says that like it's a bad thing.

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"...describe the lawmaker “as a dedicated father and Catholic with a fierce sense of moral obligation..." In other words, the next time this guy is in the news is when he gets caught playing footsie in the men's room at National Airport, or found in a hotel room with a wetsuit and two dildos.

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"It’s like you live in a house that’s falling apart. The roof needs to be patched and there are squirrels in the attic, a hornet’s nest in the eaves. The basement’s wet." This sounds like a perfect description of the Pegster's brain. Here's the pocwaddler solution to the "problem" of immigration (which problem was created from whole cloth by repubes who wanted a distraction while the 1% loot what's left of the national wealth): round up all the 29% dead-enders--the ones who would watch Ted Cruz sacrifice a little brown child live on Fox & Friends and then blame it on Hilary--and send them to Somalia; then make all the illegals into legals! Voila! Problem solved.

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Some years ago I was visiting with some friends when one guy noticed a Spanish-language book on the table; he said he was going to Spain and was planning on running with the bulls. Another guy said "is that why you need to learn Spanish, so you can say 'please remove this bull horn from my rectum? ' " We laughed and laughed.

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Dinosaur National Monument is not a National Park; people have been trying to get the designation changed for years but it's always opposed by the same people: ranchers, oil drillers, miners. People who want to rip, ravage and tear the landscape and chew a few dollars off the bones.

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"...the arrest of a Benghazi suspect is a distraction from the IRS..." Wait! I thought the IRS was a distraction from BBEENNGGHHAAZZII!!!!