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I'm not fundamentally opposed to the idea of a love interest for Twilight (as long as it doesn't overtake the other aspects of the character or shift away focus from her friendships), but it's really hard to ignore that Flash Sentry has no particular personality and Twilight no particular reason for falling for him. He's just some dude.

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Something that blew my mind:

I found out that the character Svengallop was a reference to "svengali," who are named after the character Svengali in a late 19th century novel Trilby, and a theater production of that novel apparently coined the term/invented the item of... the trilby.

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I'm sure this has been pointed out before, but quite a lot of people think Star Trek transporters work by dematerializing someone and materializing an identical copy of someone, leaving the original to die. I think that's a worst-case assumption and probably disputed by some sort of technobabble explanation somewhere, but it's an easy conclusion to reach. I would be scared shitless of finding out if such a technology existed,

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I usually make it a point to disengage when I sense moments of drama approaching on this website, but I can't exactly ignore an accusation like this.

As ASimpleTailor pointed out, Kira and Dax were the two other DS9 characters cited by L. Hence I thought the reason for the comparison was self-evident and didn't need to be explained. I also didn't think restating shadeedge's and ffaristocrat's point with different wording made sense, so I opted for something more general to meet the request for vague expectation spoilers.

Between the three characters in question, Kira is my favorite (jvgu rcvfbqrf yvxr Qhrg naq Gur Qnexarff naq gur Yvtug, jul jbhyqa'g fur or?), Julian is my second-favorite (gur trargvp ratvarrevat fhocybg jnf n fgebxr bs travhf naq uvf eryngvbafuvc jvgu Tnenx vf terng) and Dax is my third-favorite (V sryg fur qvqa'g yvir hc gb ure cbgragvny, naq vg frrzrq yvxr nyy ure rcvfbqrf jrer nobhg ure cnfg yvirf, abg nalguvat vagrerfgvat guvatf fur jnf qbvat va gur cerfrag). However, I have a friend that pretty much loathed Kira when he first started watching the show. I didn't share that view but - oh well.

Now, if you have any specific examples of sexist attitudes or statements you've noticed on my part, then feel free to cite them so I can determine if I've been misunderstood or if I need to reexamine any of my views. Like I said, when I get into a disagreement here, I tend to close the browser tab and stay away for a day or two, which I suppose can result in a lot of cut off thoughts and ambiguous statements, but I also grant that I may be simply wrong about things or that I have been an ass without realizing it.

However, "defending bronies" is something I will not make excuses for. I think the premises for hating them are impossible to comprehend or respect, and would be rightfully mocked when directed at other groups. I could name ten other fandoms that have also involved shitty behavior at some point or another without any of the commendable things bronies have done on the flip-side.

I have done my best to respond sincerely and politely here, and I hope you can do so on the same terms. This would be better off privately though so we don't derail this thread.

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I'd say there's obnoxious traits and unlikable moments one could point out in Kira and Jadzia as well. DS9's writers made an effort to write more nuanced and imperfect characters than seen before in Trek, but it definitely took them a while to fine-tune the characterization.

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Must it? Should it?

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40 euros is the upper limit of what I'm willing to pay for Overwatch. I am in love with the world, the characters and the gameplay Blizzard have created, so I'll probably buy it on release even though I don't usually play multiplayer games (let alone multiplayer only games). However, I am still concerned for how they're going to price and structure future additions to the base game. Cosmetic microtransactions aren't a big deal for me; I might even buy one or two. Substantial but infrequent expansions would probably be fine too. But individually pricing heroes and maps would be obnoxious and turn me off.

Otherwise, I can't wait for the comics and animated short films they have planned, and of course, I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Tracer, McCree and Widowmaker in-game.

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Here is a "cleaner" version of it as well:

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All things considered, I do consider this my favorite TNG episode and certainly one of the best in the series.

I find it very touching, even without particularly relating to it in any way. The song is great, Stewart is great, and the ideas are great. It's one of many brands of science fiction, yet a story that could only be told in science fiction. It's a perfect demonstration that good, deep SF can be emotionally affecting as well as cerebral.

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Future Trek series spoiler: Lrf, na rk-Obet perj zrzore frrzf yvxr n tbbq vqrn sbe n punenpgre.