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I remember being a newly minted commenter and saying something or other that prompted Foster to descend from on high to tell me "Come the fuck on!" It marks me as a relative newbie, but I really loved Foster, even his disdain.

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Good to see you, amigo.

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Yeah. Sort of. We'll see. :)

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Where I live, a nice spray of something seasonal runs me 3-6 bucks, or the price of a drink at a bar, so I find a way to indulge every once in a while. It's worth it.

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[youtube Kliy32YWFcU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kliy32YWFcU youtube]

Releasing a squirt of pheromones seems more efficient than going to the trouble of washing a car (badly) and getting all soapy.

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I am in a relationship that's been tooting along nicely for a while but we haven't yet mark either of our birthdays, nor Valentine's Day. Manky Beau has not yet given me flowers, though I have had a lot of nice meals made for me. While catching up on each other's day recently, I mentioned I'd turned a glum day around by picking up an armful of flowers at the farmer's market. His reaction "Shit! I should the one buying you flowers!" It was cute. Manky Beau is out of town for a bit but I sort of suspect some kind of flowers are in my future.

So, if you like having flowers around, just buy 'em yourself and he may get the hint. Either way, you'll still have the lovely burst of color and scent, and Susie Insecure in Accounts Receivable can suck it. For all she knows you come home to rose petal-covered sheets ever night.

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Is "Babesiosis" a sexy disease?

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My thoughts, too. They look bloody.

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Hi guys. I caved. I'm here. I am shaking my damn head.

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I never had a denim bucket hat with a sunflower on the brim like Blossom. But I did wear broomstick skirts with bodysuits and an army green bucket hat and Doc Martens.

Oh, and hi everybody. Gawker was making me feel dyslexic, the design is so bad. So is the Crasstalk font page (it's like trying to read a Boggle game, jeeze!) but the comments are much easier and it looks like everyone's over here.