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7.But..But I don't like that ship, stop being so cute and making me like you! It's cheating.

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So is this just weird/unusual ships or just ones that don't involve the main six? Or both? Because if it's ships out of the norm than I support TwilightxSombra all the way. By that I mean reformed Sombra, not those creepy "Sombra turns her evil" fics, I think it'd be adorable if he came back, got a personality and changed his ways. If you're lookin' for ones excluding our main candy colored heroines then you've ButtonxSweetie, DoctorxDerpy, ScootalooxFeather Weight, and I guess ApplebloomxTimberwolf but you have to watch this video to get it.

Now as for both, I suppose that last one should actually belong here shouldn't it? But I'm too lazy to move it so there it stays now let's get to the weirdest boats that have left the harbor of my brain into my sketchbook. DerpyxCrackle, GildaxSteven Magnet, WinonaxCerberus and KorraxTahno or Tahorra. Oh wait we were supposed to be talking 'bout that horse show with rainbows in it weren't we? Well watevr, I want to talk about Legend of Korra and you can't stop me!
Now where was I? Right the guy with the weird flippy hair hooking up with this generation's bestest Ninja who can wield all the changes in Chakra nature. Er, the elemental thingamabob with the martial arts moves tha- ugh, you get what I mean. And yes even though I put it into the weirdest category above this is one of my favorite ships for LoK. Why? Mostly because I can't see Korra dating anyone else but I think they'd go well together, if you don't, well then why have you read this far in my comment? If you disagree with me big deal it's just a ship and I know myself that it doesn't make too much sense but it makes me smile and I hope your ships do the same to you. :) My obvious "otp" as the kids call it, stands for "one taco partner" I'm sure. Maybe. Anyway my favorite ship in LoK and the Avatar series as a whole is VarrickxZhu Li, because they're cute and cannon and cute and funny and did you know they're cute together? I also ship BolinxAsami or Bosami but I could ship Bolin with many people such as Eska and Opal that's just the one I like best. For this generation's broody fire bender on the other flaming fist I don't really know/care about who he should end up with. And that's it. I could talk about the actual story of LoK, why it's one of the best shows ever made or why I think it is but instead let's just focus on our creepy head cannons of trying to get fictional ponies/people to kiss. Yeah.

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How do you submit stuff to DesuDaily so it can appear in a compilation or something. I found this amazing AMV and I really wanted it to get some attention so I thought submitting it here would be pretty good. It's about Legend of Korra and it's called "Hey Zhu Li" if you want to check it out.

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Yeah I always wanted another season but it did end on a good note. Though even Kuvira was a good villain it didn't feel like a finale to me. I thought that the finale to season 2 would've been better because it had really high stakes, or season 3 because part of the Red Lotus goals was to kill the Avatar, Kuvira was a tyrant but it just seemed on a smaller scale to me. But what do I know? I still loved it and it was probably the best season end even if it wasn't as grand. 

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Yes sir!

Can I just say how awesome this show is? Because even if I couldn't I would. I would do the thing till the end of time.

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I just finished Legend of Korra, everyone be obsessed about it with me! Also Varrick is the best, as is Zhurrick.

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Oh Mr. Seth, why must you be another uncultured swine preferring those creatures with a strange thing protruding from their forehead over the simple adorable Earth ponies. And don't even get me started on those Pegsi, when you're a Unicorn you usually only learn spells related to your talent and you don't even have to use magic, but with wings you have to preen them, build up muscles, you'll probably be expecting to help with the weather and will certainly be drafted when it comes time to help water back up to Cloudsdale.
It's also better from an artist's point of view, which I so often look at since it's the only view I have, it's easier because I never forget any parts. Sometimes when drawing non-Earths I would leave their head and sides bare only to look back and have to fix it. You could say this is my own fault and I should remember what my characters look like and I shouldn't blame a species for my short comings, but you'd be wrong. Because reasons.
In closing, Earth ponies rock and someday the fandom will see their amazingness once the Earth ponies are ruling with an iron hoof and a heart of gold.

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The video here wouldn't work but Eldonde posted links to them on Youtube and they were fantastic! That is why I love this fandom.

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I wasn't a big fan of her back in season one, but now she's my favorite pony. She'd be my favorite character overall but y'know Discord 'n stuff. I really appreciate her, especially since her and her family break away from the stereotype that all siblings bicker, hate each other, are at each others throats if they come near them or their stuff and they all wish they were an only child. This stereotype annoys me so because I love my siblings, they're my best friends, and that's the way it should be for everyone. Sure you'll make friends all throughout your life and you'll probably make a lifelong bond with one person or another, but your family is with you since birth and will always be there for you. My family and my faith are the most important things to me so I like seeing similarities in my favorite pony. She's also super hard working and helpful, Applejack to me, along with her element, is an example of what I want more out of people and myself. All of the main cast have great qualities that would make our world more peaceful, the elements being a good example, but Applejack stands out to me, along with Fluttershy my second favorite. This show has taught me a lot, made me more positive and want to see the good in others and that's thanks to the good role models and wonderful morals, plus this uplifting community don't hurt. <3

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#19. Hooves, how do they work? I'm kidding, the rest looks fine but I don't think hooves bend that way.