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Probably not Major Payne...

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I want to go to BronyCon but it interferes with when my school year starts... :P

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The comments are disappearing... :P The bot's was one of them.

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Thank you, I do appreciate the effort you guys put into the compilation of the posts and in no way my previous comment a criticism. Also, thank you for taking it seriously!

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We understand that the majority of people enjoy these types of images... and mistakes do happen. Granted, they are art and the person who made them is talented. However, there are a lot of kids that do frequent this site and I don't want EQD to be considered a place that "promotes" pornography. I'm not saying that you do, but there need to be a little more digression regarding the images posted. I realize you're all busy, but please go the extra mile for the few images that may be suggestive. We want to preserve the innocence that the show represents... at least do what we can.
Thank you guys for offering the tags and doing so much for the site already.

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I'm up for it!

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Feature the gaming servers every now and then! :)

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Hasbro is a marketing company. They need to make money off of their products. I feel really sad about them pushing Jan away, but considering how much it must be affecting the company, they had to take action. I wish Jan could continue with ponies. Don't hear me say that Hasbro is completely right and Jan's animations aren't worth while. They are, and I became a fan of them when they came out a long while ago. Hasbro could have handled it better, but remember that it's all about marketing. I think they should have offered Jan a job as opposed to tossing him around. They could really use a member like him on the animation team. I'm almost certain he would have rejected them, but come on. He's got so much potential. Maybe, if he weren't getting so much money off of his animations (even though he deserves it), Hasbro would have let him go, like they do with all the artists on dA who sell prints of their copyrighted characters.
"Hasbro HAS TO protect their IP, whether they WANT TO or not." It's true, since they are a huge business company, they MUST protect their product line, even if it means denying a talented artist the fame and/or glory they probably deserve. It's their responsibility to provide jobs to thousands of employees through the work they do as a major company with mass-produced products. I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

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