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I'm going to have to agree with NinjaThingy's pick. "School Live" took two things I never expected to mix and made it work flawlessly. I was drawn in and couldn't stop watching once I started. The characters, the plot, the atmosphere, everything just worked perfectly in my opinion. I'm excited for the stateside release (really hopeful this will get an English dub plus collectors edition release) and frankly I would recommend this one to most people as a must watch.

Some will dismiss it for the moe elements or argue that the big twist was the only thing but I'd argue quite the opposite. The moe element masks the deeper psychological trauma as well as gives the characters a wonderful contrast with the dark reality of things. You have a great dichotomy as a result that works on multiple levels. Also, these girls are not the typical cast for this type of series and, in fact, this allows for a lot of subtle differences in how genre standard conventions get played with.

The big twist is far from the only thing worth sticking around for. "School Live" works because it's true to human nature. We need lighter moments and fun, even in darker times, in order to remain human. Hope doesn't just come from big grand things; we create hope by smiling, by having faith in each other, and through the bonds of friendship and love. The girls need each other to survive and as much as some cynics want to argue that Yuki is useless, she's the only thing keeping the others from giving up on life.

I really want to see this series get a second season. There's still so much potential to this story and these characters.

My second place favorite is "Food Wars." I put it second only because it's not as serious a story. Aside from that, it's great too! I love the way it blends the standard fighting anime tropes into a series set in a cooking school. Soma is a fun main character and he doesn't just auto win thanks to some magic talent he got at birth either. I'm also a huge Megumi fan. Her character goes through so much character development over the first season. (So looking forward to season 2!)

This season had a lot of good anime though. Lets hope 2016 has more great shows!

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Okay, this time I am participating for sure! I need to re-watch "Gurren" for personal reasons anyway.

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Lol! Those are actually pretty good.

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It's very possible. I'd like to think I'm fairly broadminded in what anime I like.

Really, the only thing that holds me back is my preference for English dubs over reading subtitles. It's not like I don't watch anime subbed (sometimes you have no choice and sometimes you just don't want to wait) but I still prefer English dubs. Shows with lots of singing tend to have odd dubs. I wish the Japanese would be more willing to let English versions of songs happen. Having two different ways to enjoy a song isn't going to hurt things.

Okay, Ive stepped off the soap box. ;) Seriously, I'll give the series a shot soon.

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And long before the Japanese dub of MLP ever came into existence, the English cast of MLP has several alums from English dubs for anime. Rarity's VA, Tabitha St. Germain has many excellent anime roles and the more recent character of Starlight Glimmer was in the English dub of "Inuyasha" as Sango. It can be a lot of fun to play "Who's That Voice?" with MLP.

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Indeed. Thin schedules are disturbing. As long as the next one if full, we're probably fine.

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Seems like a strange choice. I think Netflix is experimenting with anime though. They seem to be trying several different methods of licensing and streaming it right now.

I think this series would have been better off not being licensed at all before now. Back when Funimation first got it, the restrictions on the dub and TV airing over here caused some problems. The dub was done with a younger audience in mind (hence the name changes) but then it was deemed too dark for kids and bumped to Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] block where it was too kiddy for the adults! Nowadays, I think they could have put it on their own streaming site or Netflix, dubbed and subbed, and been much more successful.

Considering how far in it's starting on Netflix, I won't be watching. I hate trying to get into thinks late.

Personally, I was way more excited to discover "Little Witch Academia" on Netflix! Both episodes were even dubbed! Now, if they sell it to me while announcing a full season series, I'll be giga lucky!

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Voice actor. It's not internet slang, just short hand. Some people do use seiyu (Japanese for voice actor) for anime voice actors though.

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But I want you to draw more than just hands.

Too tired to think of anything original so I'll try this one again: gender reverse Saitama of "One Punch Man" into One Kick Girl.

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Somehow that seems perfect.