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he said "euphemisms"! that's a big word for the guy who coined the phrase "Resist we much".

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ya know, it's that kind of attitude that ann displays right here, that made me sit OUT the election between obama and mccain. i was a registered independent, didn't know anything about liberalis or conservatives or where i stood. i just knew that mccain sucked and obama hella sucked. i referred to mccain as obama lite. now that i understand what's going on and what's at stake the absolute LAST thing we need to do is get "any republican" elected. you can't be a true conservative if you don't believe its principles are strong enough on their own to win over enough americans in an election to beat a louse like obama.

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i like how they go out of their way to stress how this was not apart of the occupy movement, but for the tea party they have to fabricate incidences that never happened.

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being from oakland, whenever they take you to highland that's never good.

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just because you SAY it was peaceful and repeat the word "peaceful" over and over again does NOT make what went down peaceful.

tea parties are peaceful. what oakland has is lawlessness from the mayor on down.

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it hurts to see the town i grew up in continually go further down a backed up crap-filled toilet.

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i took your advice and watched the entire clip. it hurts me to see fellow Americans sooo clueless about capitalism and basic economics. to here someone say "we need government to protect us" and know they aren't referring to national security matters... it's really, really sad. i personally cannot see how one can be a member of any occupy group, beg for more people to give you stuff and maintain self dignity and self respect. that lady sort of got it at the end, but whether it sinks in and makes her stop begging and start being responsible for herself and her actions - who knows.

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tried watching this, but after 14 seconds i couldn't stand hearing grown adults whine worse than babies.

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Okay, let's march.

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dude. seriously?