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I haven't seen anyone mention it (but it might have come up) but:

[Shatterglass spoilers] Avxb fnlf sbe Gevf gb gryy uvz vs fur 'frrf be urnef' nalguvat ba gur jvaqf. Jbhyqa'g or fhecevfrq vs n cneg bs uvz fhfcrpgrq sbe n juvyr gung Gevf pbhyq frr ba gur jvaqf; jura fur qvqa'g fpel ba gur jvaqf vg anghenyyl, ur cebonoyl frg vg nfvqr sbe n gvzr jura fur pbhyq unaqyr vg orggre.

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crap I forgot to post this. [Sandry's book spoilers]


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You're in the fun part of Canada! YAY CANADA. *throws confetti*

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I was busy this weekend and the ORAS demo came out (yes pokemon all the time) so instead I shall post two rot13 things.

First is about the book [Sandry's Book spoilers] Jura V jnf qbvat zl erernq V gubhtug Oevne jnf tbvat gb fgrny gur funxxna abj. Funxxna/Oevne BGC. Naq V gubhtug Znex jbhyq fgneg gb fuvc gur gjb va gur arkg puncgre jvgu gur hfr bs gur jbeq 'Ebfvr'. Nu jryy. V qba'g haqrefgnaq jung fgnegf gb trg crbcyr vagb fuvccvat guvatf va gur svefg cynpr.

And, in honor of ORAS: POKEMON AU STUFF. [general series spoilers]
Gevf: Jbhyq cebonoyl unir fbzr fbeg bs trareny abezny-glcr Cbxrzba orpnhfr bs ure zrepunag onpxtebhaq. Avpb jbhyq cebonoyl tvsg ure jvgu n Pnfgsbez, naq fur jbhyq cebonoyl trg n Gnvybj (sbe Fuevrx) nf jryy. Nsgre trggvat pregvsvpngvba, fur jbhyq cebonoyl raq hc jvgu fbzr avpr ryrzragny Cbxrzba. Yrtraqnevrf nffbpvngrq jvgu ure: gur Jrngure Gevb, boivbhfyl.

Qnwn: Yvivat ba n obng, fur cebonoyl unq fbzr hfrshy Cbxrzba. Jvathyy frrzf boivbhf, naq znlor gurer jnf n crg Zrbjgu? Jura fur pbzrf gb Jvaqvat Pvepyr, fur ernyyl fgnegf gb nffbpvngr jvgu gur sver/zrgny eryngrq Cbxrzba ninvynoyr. Urngzbe, Gbexbny, rgp. Yrtraqnevrf nffbpvngrq jvgu ure: Urngena, znlor Zbygerf

Oevne: Yvivat ba gur fgerrgf, ur ernyyl qvqa'g unir uvf bja Cbxrzba, ohg ur znqr nyyvnaprf jvgu guvatf yvxr Cheeybva naq Tevzre. V guvax jura ur yrsg jvgu Avxb, ur jbhyq cebonoyl qent bar bs gurz nybat. Ng Jvaqvat Pvepyr, ur fgnegf gb nffbpvngr zber jvgu Tenff Glcr Cbxrzba (svefg tbvat gbjneqf guvatf yvxr Gbegreen naq fghss, gur onqnff fghss) ohg fgvyy unf n fbsg fcbg sbe Qnex glcrf. Yrtraqnevrf nffbpvngrq jvgu uvz: Pryrov zvtug or na vagrerfgvat guvat sbe gur guvat va Oevne'f Obbx, ohg V chg qbja Ivevmvba nf jryy (zvtug or bxnl). Gurer nera'g gung znal Tenff glcr yrtraqnevrf, vagrerfgvatyl rabhtu.

Fnaqel: Envfrq aboyr naq geniryvat n ybg, fur unq ure cvpx bs gur svarfg Cbxrzba. Fur fgvyy yrnarq gbjneqf gur Cbxrzba jub jrag jvgu ure vagrerfgf, gubhtu: Pvapvaab vf n zhfg sbe Fnaqel, gubhtu V pna vzntvar n Yvyyvchc sbe ure. Jura fur pnzr gb Jvaqvat Pvepyr, fur fgvyy fghpx jvgu Abezny Glcrf, zbfgyl, ohg fur cvpxrq hc fbzr Cbxrzba jub pbhyq or hfrshy ng jrnivat (Fcvanex? VQX). Yrtraqnevrf nffbpvngrq jvgu ure: guvf jnf uneqre, ohg V cvpxrq Perffryvn va gur raq.

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I'm in Washington state! *waves a tiny flag*

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I was trying to figure out one for Hindi. Never experienced the one you said personally, but I can definitely see how that works.

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*throws nuns safely everywhere after reading your comment*

I'm glad that you're liking the book a lot! Emelan needs love.

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In chapter 4 any attempt to easily divide up the chapter into parts falls apart, making me sad. And we learn how much snark a little child can hold. Apparently it’s a large amount.

Briar and Rosethorn
Well… that was an interesting scene.

I think there are two key points to get out of their interaction: Briar did something weird with the plants (which… Rosethorn might have done?) and Rosethorn isn’t evil incarnate when dealing with Briar. I mean, it’s obvious that she’s strict and sets very obvious boundaries; she does that even after the meal. But the way she deals with Briar… well, it’s not one where she uses fear to get him out of it, that’s for sure. I do wonder why she continues to look at him during the whole process.

[general series spoilers] trareny Oevne naq Ebfrgubea srryf tb urerrrr. Jura fubhyq V zragvba gur fvzvynevgl va anzvat fpurzr?

I love you Tris, but why are you so bigoted? :(

Another two key things come out of this chapter: first, that she can…. hear voices? Well. Someone who is more knowledgeable should probably deal with the issues of ableism if they apply to here. The second thing is that Tris is really invested in the social stratification of people. Like, everything has their place, proper actions, etc. I don’t know if we know enough about Tris yet to really understand why, but the most likely reason for why she acts like this is because of her upbringing. If she was being passed around for not being an appropriate child… maybe she internalized some bad ideas on what appropriate behaviors are.

I don’t want to be the negative Sandry parade person, I don’t! Sandry is such a nice, positive character. I like her a lot.

But the whole speech about how hard it was to interact with people who weren’t nobles makes me react the same way Daja does. While it helps her to be not a privileged jerk, she’s still really privileged? Um. What’s a good analogy for what I’m trying to say? Like, it’s kind of like a white person being annoyed that there’s a lot of resistance of them trying to making in-roads into a POC culture. Like, yes, it might be hard, but there’s a pretty valid reason for why the other group is resistant.

Her interaction with Tris was very altruistic, though. Maybe if Tris had a different background, she would have been won over by this interaction. Maybe.

The Mystery of Niko
So he’s confirmed to be a mage who does stuff with his eyes or something. That’s all we know. Tris points out that he hasn’t left for his ‘errands’, whatever they were, and no one really knows if he had any ulterior motives for bringing the four to the Winding Circle (and we know that he had some plans about it from the one or two sentences he said in the last chapter, at least). Whatever he’s up to, it’s mysterious.

Random Thoughts
-While ‘kaq’ might be a rude word, I think a lot of not-majority cultures have words for the majority culture which kind of get a negative connotation to them.
-I like how Lark is hinted at being a weaver with the first line she says.
-The knives scene was iconic in the Full Cast Audio thing, take my word for it.
-‘wild magic but for chlorophyll’ really awesome idea there, Mark.

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Wikipedia is right. They aren't the same sound. (I don't speak Arabic, but Hindi sometimes steals it for words, so I'm familiar with it)

Even though I've heard the audiobook method, I'm still pronouncing it in the Hindi fashion (so somewhat-Arabic q sound, I guess, with short a) in my head. This is actually a problem for me; if I run into a word which isn't English I somehow end up pronouncing it in Hindi fashion, even if that's not right.

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Have you read the Emelan series? I don't want to mock you with rot13 stuff but,...

[general series spoilers] Pbafvqrevat gung Avxb vagrenpgf n ybg jvgu Ebfrgubea naq Ynex, jub frrz gb or cerggl tbbq, naq ur vagrenpgf jvgu Zbbafgernz, jub vf nyfb tbbq, V guvax vg jnf uvz biretrarenyvmvat nobhg ubj npprcgvat crbcyr ner.