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I'll silently panick in front of her face, welcoming her politely.
II'll ask if she has her cello with her (somehow)
And I'll play music with her. Some awesome cello-flute duet :3

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Thanks, you're making a valuable point x3
I'm trying hard to not go too far with my obession though. No offense towards people who do like having much merch, but back where I live I would be a huge freak. Around here, I already am called a nolife.

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Well... That's how many people call a person with no life (doesn't do anything useful in their lives) I don't know if I wrote it right though xD

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I have the mane six in normal-sizes hasbro thingies (missing pinkie pie),CMC, RD plush, RD hairbrush, twilight squishie, pony temporary tattoos (dangit mom...)
I'm gonna get a build-a-bear twilight :3
Also I hope to get an Octavia thing :3

Pls don't call me nolife... I just like it, OK?

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I think it would be nice for Michael. I can't speak for him, but I can say what I think.
I think that he would like to know he gets supported. That he is cared for. A statue could help remind him of that, though it would not be the way I would have done it. It's a nice touch though.
If people want to support him by giving money for whatever it is it goes to, let them be

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how do you watch stuff o9n the hub? I somehow can't play it.

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YAY! The sequel of the celestial code is published! Glad to see something from one of my fav writers again!

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Wow, having a quick glance I honestly think this has got to be one of my fav drawfriends yet!

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