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Thanks for your comment. It would be very helpful indeed for those of us who value the UK and thoroughly dislike the personnel and tactics of the SNP, if you could list your top 100 suggestions .

The SNP are so powerfully entrenched and Wee Nippy herself is such an adept stirrer of the pot, that Unionists have really got to get clever. So we need all your ideas.

As Hughie Green would have said, “I mean that most sincerely.”

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So we don’t need any more trade agreements?

What on earth is wrong with keeping tabs on this difficult unfinished business?

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Johnson’s premiership was heavily endorsed by the electorate under four months ago. Articles like this seem premature right now.

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Numbers 6:24-26 is a famous blessing. At our local church it Is sung by the congregation at every christening. I believe John Rutter recently composed a setting of it.

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Agree very much. They have dropped the plan to halt jury trials see but it is terrifying that they proposed it. The jury cleared Salmond. End of criminal story.

All of us should read the links that Henry Hill provides - deeply illuminating. I am no fan of Sturgeon whatever but Salmond is surely discredited by his behaviour - it does not need to be proved a criminal offence.

Finally I applaud your comments about latent authoritarianism in Scotland. We have perhaps dumped Christianity - you could say the jury's out - but have certainly kept the less attractive features of Calvinism.

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A lot of negative comment here some soundly based, so far as a non specialist can tell.

But the question is enormously important and I applaud Mr Palmer for having a go and not keeping his head down.

I suppose it is tinkering at the margins, but most new houses that I have seen look luxurious in some ways but all the rooms are too small, often the gardens are tiny border strips between houses far too close together, and if you build a shed you lose most of the garden. We have to build enough space and sound construction to make every house a real house rather than a “first step on the housing ladder”.

At the moment we’re spending huge sums building houses nobody really wants.

Thanks Mr Palmer and we must all do better.

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Decent and extremely effective. Brexit did produce heroes and Steve Baker was among the very best.

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This seems so important. I’m one of those converted by Brexit from a long-standing believer in PR, to one reconciled to FPTP for its effectiveness in what I’ve realised is the crunch point: that MPs, or as many as possible, should face a realistic possibility of being binned by the electorate. How we saw that in play in the referendum saga including the vote to have a referendum in the first place.

But .. can anything be done to tackle the downside of the safe seat? Primaries?

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38% of the votes in Scotland in the EU referendum were for Brexit, including myself. At present I find it impossible to discuss Brexit with my good pro-EU friends. They don’t perceive any case for Brexit other than anti-immigration prejudice and “English nationalism”. In 2019 I suppose large numbers of such people voted SNP mainly hoping a Labour / SNP government would be fatal to a meaningful Brexit.

SNP support seems to be at the level where a few points up and down wins or loses them large numbers of seats. Like the Tories in England they benefitted last month from a split opposition and an unelectable Labour party, and duly recovered most of their 2017 losses. But they can go down again and I hope that over time my friends will perceive that Brexit is a good thing and will turn away from the SNP.

Those in England rightly disgusted by everything about the SNP should beware dancing to their tune. As Hill says (see the link in his final sentence) fostering anger in England is one of the SNP’s key strategic aims.