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Donald Trump has been urging Farage and BoJo to work together - and now they are. Well, well!

And what about the issue of immigration which Michael Gove has been airing? Corbyn apparently
believes in unrestricted immigration, which is unbelievable. That will kill off Labour getting
anywhere in the Midlands and the North of England.

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Thank you - your comments are very pertinent. What is so depressing about the Remainers
campaign to stay in the EU is that their arguments are almost entirely framed in terms of
domestic British politics. When are these people going to find out what is going on in
Europe? In France? In Brussels? There is a political revolution sweeping across Europe
which takes no account of post-1945 liberal politics.

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Look around Europe - Spain is having its fourth general election in four years; there is political
turmoil in Italy ( as usual ); in Germany the long years of Angela Merkel are ending with no real
idea of who or what will take her place; in the UK we have the third general election in five years;
and the European Central Bank has a new head in Christine Lagarde, who is not a banker, and
rather like William Hague believes in telling jokes rather than addressing issues.

The polls are showing a big swing against Labour in the Midlands and the North. So BoJo has
to keep his nerve, and keep optimistic.

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If you put any one of those four pieces on the front page of a manifesto, and followed it with
" Vote for me " in every case the response would be to put it in the bin. This election revolves
around the complete unsuitability of Corbyn and his acolytes to hold high office. The LibDems
have said they will not prop up Corbyn in a coalition, and remarkably on the BBC TV Channel
Four News " Beyond 100 Days " ( very good value at 7 pm weekdays ) Labour spokesmen
have been openly accused of lying by BBC correspondents. Brexit is not dominating the
election because it is not the main issue. The issue is Jeremy Corbyn and the danger he
poses to this country if he gets anywhere near 10 Downing Street. So get out there and get
some optimism!

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You are correct. In fact both BoJo and Javid are doing a good job in being unapologetic and
positive. The stranglehold of the bean counters in the Treasury has been broken by Javid who
is going to pump money at long last into infrastructure spending. This is good news, and BoJo
seems to be on excellent electioneering form. It seems unlikely that the LibDems will get more
than about a dozen MP's returned on 12 December.

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A bad week for the Conservatives? - not sure about that, but a dreadful week for Labour. Talk about
rats jumping off the sinking ship. I do not agree at all that when Corbyn quits as Labour leader, he
will be succeeded by another left-winger. The moderates have had enough and won't stand for it -
far more likely that Labour will split, and there will be a re-alignment on the centre-left.

BoJo says he does not want a general election at this time, in December, but has been compelled
to call it. Never mind, this is as good a chance as there will ever be to put an end to left-wing

As for the One Nation Tories standing down - after fifty years on and off membership of the
Conservative Party I have never really understood what One Nation Toryism is about.
It seems mostly to be about apologising to everyone for not being a socialist. All very odd.
Who will miss them?

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Once BoJo starts negotiating a free trade agreement with the US, we have to be very careful not
to sell out the UK to a consortium of San Francisco private equity mafiosi. I do not trust Liz Truss
to be aware of the dangers - she apparently believes in the sort of liberal free trade
arrangements that inevitably result in big money taking over smaller money. That means us.

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The under-30's cannot be expected to pay off student debt, pay off mortgages, put money into
pension schemes, start a family, and live happily ever after. The whole scenario is ludicrous and
a non-starter. Debt will be the big issue for a long time to come in both the UK and the USA.
In the USA total public and private debt now amounts to approx $74 trillion, and the debt pile
gets bigger all the time, outstripping growth. It is made worse by insane spending on the
military and defence.

The Labour left in the UK general election will be defeated because Corbyn is living out
some sort of Marxist fantasy, which the younger voters realise is nonsense. Tom Watson has
had enough of it which is not surprising. The interesting ideas on the left at the moment
come out of the Greens, and LibDems. After the general election, when the useless Corbyn
quits, there will be a re-alignment on the left, and it will be interesting to see who takes up
the leadership of the moderate left. ( And it won't be Anna Soubry. )

The idea in all this that Thatcherism, or a property owning democracy, will have any role to
play in the future of British politics seems pretty remote. The issues are the environment,
climate change, debt, and having enough to eat.

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Neither Mr Goodman nor My Hammond seem to realise how unpopular Mr Hammond was and is.
He was an invisible Foreign Secretary, and a bean-counting Chancellor. He came to high office
through the same system as Theresa May - via hard work and a total lack of imagination or
creativity. We do not have to feel sorry for either of them. Politics is a hard game, and if you do
not measure up, it is best to take up gardening.

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The world is moving on. It is no good thinking that we can live in the past -
- West Bromwich woman is alive and well all over the country. I spoke to a stranger in a supermarket
here in Wiltshire a few days ago, who expressed exactly the same sentiments.
- Corbyn is a phoney, a left-over and left-wing professional protester from the 1970's.
- The EU is facing various different existential crises, which include Brexit, the possible exit of Italy,
a migration crisis, a financial collapse which the ECB under Christine Lagarde will be powerless
to overcome, the new phenomenon of negative interest rates, and the emergence of nationalist
politicians all over Europe, from France and Germany, to Italy, Poland, and Hungary.
- The Tory Party has to get a grip on itself, and on the government of this country. Policy
commitments have to be delivered, not just used as slogans to win or lose elections. The party
has to move on from 22 years of lightweight jokes from William Hague, pretending to be
statesmanlike. It is time to take things seriously.