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The Americans have got to recycle $8 trillion of US debt in the next 18 months. Good luck
with that.

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The Party Chairman/woman needs to bang the drum for the Party Leader. The problem with that
appointment at the moment is that BoJo bangs his own drum. It is not Amanda Milling's fault that
she should not have been appointed. Gove will have to sort it out......along with everything else.

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Interesting snapshot of the US election - 2 comments -

- The widespread view at the start of this campaign was that Biden was a shoo-in, and we could
all go back to sleep. That was the view put about by the liberal media, who don't like Trump.
It is no longer the case. Voters are waking up to the fact that Biden is going ga-ga, and if he
gets elected President will have to be replaced at some stage by Kamala Harris. She may be
Vice-Presidential material, but is not yet Presidential material.

- Nobody in the US ever talks about debt, public or private. All the Americans love capitalism,
and detest socialism, but never talk about the trillions of $ debt underpinning the US economy,
as well as private lives. That debt has to be repaid, folks. You cannot just carry on borrowing
without facing the consequences.

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Good article in the TIMES today ( 8 Oct ) by Iain Martin outlining the declining fortunes
of Nicola Sturgeon. Th Alex Salmond scandal has yet to blow up in her face.

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It does not really matter who wins the US presidential election, because whoever wins, the US
dollar is essentially worthless, resting on a bed of trillions of US dollars of debt. The US has to
recycle $8 trillion dollars of debt in the next 18 months. And the Democrats and Republicans
are arguing about a new " stimulus " package of even more debt to " stimulate " the economy.

What has this got to do with Armenia? Or Azerbaijan? The point is that US economic power is
collapsing. American influence is such places is largely bust. Vladimir Putin rules, by dint of
hard work, realism, and an appreciation of power politics. OK?

If the Democrats win the US presidential election ( which the opinion polls suggest ) then US
power overseas will collapse even quicker than under Donald Trump. The liberal Democrats
want bigger debts, bigger stimulus packages, and incoherent finances.

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And what about Scotland where Nicola Sturgeon has today ( 7 Oct ) announced savage measures
to lock down the hospitality sector. Maybe the Edinburgh pocket tyrant wants to knock out the
hospitality sector? What is going to be interesting in Scotland is the political reaction of non-SNP
politicians to these new measures. Nicola Sturgeon is becoming a one woman tyrant. How long
will this continue?

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We are talking about politics and politicians, not accountants, or saints. ( Philip Hammond is an
accountant, and how on earth he ended up in politics no-one knows. ) Politicians have to go out
and get votes. That means grubbing about making up proposals as you go along to keep your
supporters motivated. If you get stuck you can always quote Disraeli, or maybe Randolph
Churchill, from the same era, who famously said that Conservatism means whatever you want it
to mean.

The reason many people do not like Boris Johnson or Donald Trump is that they understand
the rules of the game very well. They do not try and pretend to be saints, or accountants, but
get out on the stump and rally their supporters. That is the nature of politics. Politicians like
Keir Starmer who try to show off their effortless moral superiority do not generally rise to the
top of the political game. They do not understand what is going on.

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The TIMES today carries the biography of Peregrine Worsthorne, who had a long association
with the Sunday Telegraph. His friends called him Perry, and I once nearly collided with him
on a pavement in South Kensington back in the 1970's. Private Eye always referred to him
as Perishing Worthless. The Sunday Telegraph has never really recovered from his right-wing
anarchy. He could have written speeches for Boris Johnson if he was up and about today, and
they would have been well written, charming, and completely incorrect.
May he Rest In Peace.

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Warren Buffett, the great American investor, has changed tack recently and is now selling banks
and buying gold, and gold miners. When interest rates are effectively zero how can any banks
make a profit? About 15 years ago Lloyds Bank shares were selling for about £5 ( as far as I
remember and without checking the figures ). Now they are trading at 27 pence. Yes -
twenty-seven pence !! This is not being alarmist - it is reality. No-one knows where the economy
is really going, and angels are doing a good job, but the US economy and the US banks are
hooked on debt, trillions and trillions of fake paper money. So wake up at the back !!

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I agree. Javid joins a long list of ex-Chancellors who know how to manage the economy
with the benefit of hindsight. Norman Lamont is still telling everyone how the economy should
be managed. Javid made good use of " diversity " and has precious little to show for it.