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BoJo needs some fresh advisers. Photos released to the media of him jogging around the gardens
at Buckingham Palace do more harm than good - he looks tired, overweight, and unfit. He is not
good at mastering the detail of government policy, and comes out too easily with slogans. It is no
good him losing his temper over Starmer asking straight-forward questions and not getting any
sort of coherent reply. He needs to get over being a journalist by trade, get over being Mayor
of London, and master the business of being prime minister. He needs to stop mucking about .

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There is a problem with Chinese expansionism, which the UK has been slow to recognise
partly because we have been so busy debating Brexit. Third world countries which have
borrowed huge sums from China for infrastructure projects are now finding repayments
very burdensome, and may well start defaulting. You cannot blame Western politicians
for that. China has a communist government running a capitalist economy, and at some
stage that relationship will break down. Cameron's " Golden era " was just a PR stunt,
rather like Cameron himself.

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China is the new big problem. It is extraordinary how in retrospect the Coalition government got pretty
much all the big decisions on foreign affairs wrong. Cameron/Hague/Osborne misjudged the Arab
Spring, misjudged the expansion of the EU, misjudged Turkey, and misjudged China. The " Golden
era " is bust. That great nitwit Hague has to take most of the blame for these mistakes.

There is a report out in the Daily Telegraph that a former chief of M16, or the Security Service, now
believes that the coronavirus escaped from a laboratory in China. It could be a manmade virus.
So when Trump tells us it is a Chinese virus, although we are disinclined to believe anything he says,
we might have to reserve judgement on this one. All of which will not help UK-China relations.

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Dear oh dear! Any mention of Patten, and Hong Kong, and honour in the same paragraph must
surely be an April Fools Day joke. I thought it was 5 June today not 1 April.

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Never mind all that - the key question in Scottish politics is the role of Alex Salmond. And when he
decides to put the boot into the pocket tyrant Nicola Sturgeon. It will either be a lot of fun, or
excruciatingly embarrassing, depending on where you come from.

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Good piece. And what's next? Issuing 3 million passports to Hong Kong? That will divert attention from
a lot of things, including the lack of policy detail coming out of 10 Downing Street in too many areas.

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The problem with all this is that Trump's amateur approach to world politics has ruined American
prestige and influence. The USA now resembles a Latin American state on a par with Brazil, headed
up by a loud-mouthed strongman, who does not really care what he says or does. Professional
American diplomats are horrified by this, but they are not living in the White House.

In the UK we have to put our own house in order, and try to avoid gloating. But by the end of the
year, the USA will be just a shadow of its former self - wrecked by a partisan presidential
election ( which Trump may still win ), ruined by race riots, impoverished by a collapsing
economy, and rampant unemployment in all the big cities. And still refusing on all sides to
tackle the real issues of the day which include gun crime, and the public worship of all
types of violent behaviour. The Americans have brought Trump on themselves.

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Why has the prime minister not got any aides or advisers who can point things out to him?
Are they all in Durham?

See the TIMES today 3 June page 2 headline " Johnson failed to take Covid-19 threat seriously" -
a leading member of the Sage committee asks why warnings about the coronavirus went
unheeded in February. On March 3 the prime minister was photographed shaking hands in a hospital.

Fast forward to today again in the TIMES on the front page headline " PM offers hope of refuge
to 3m Hong Kong people ". I have nothing against the people of Hong Kong, but the idea
that the UK can accommodate 3 million people from Hong Kong is bananas.

We have to remember of course that BoJo comes from the same liberal Conservative
background as David Cameron, who came a cropper on his EU Referendum. But Johnson
cannot carry on like this as if nothing has changed since the days of the Coalition. It simply
will not do. And if it means ditching Priti Patel, well then get on with it.

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What a shambles! In fact whoever wins the presidential election in November will be a
lame duck. We will probably have to wait till 2024 to get some sense into US politics.

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It is high time the high priests of American liberalism realised that American exceptionalism,
and likewise the American dream, are bust. The leading characters in US politics are all
revolting -
- Donald Trump can no longer ( if he ever did ) provide world leadership on any issue
- Joe Biden is sleepy, sloppy, sleazy, and possibly suffering from dementia
- Nancy Pelosi ought to be writing her memoirs
- " Crooked " Hillary Clinton is best forgotten
and so on.

The riots in the USA are not just about a black man being killed by a police officer. The
Americans are always looking for change, but what sort of change? Tackling gun crime
and gun-related violence? No way. Cutting down on insane levels of spending on military
hardware? No way. Trying to act in a civilised manner in international affairs? No way.