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SAGE's advice is being exposed for what it is.

A dodgy dossier, designed for one thing. To keep their grip on power, at the expense of absolutely everything and everyone else.

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The government's case for these draconian measures is melting away by the hour.

This is a naked attempt by SAGE and a bunch of authoritarian desperadoes in cabinet to keep their grip on enormous unaccountable powers.

Powers they continue to be granted by a parliament of boobies and opportunist careerists.

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Look at the footage of his brexit party rallies.

They are run with military precision. Farage knows his limits and in Richard Tice and his cohorts he has a ready made party machine.

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Or we could simply tell you to get stuffed and let ordinary healthy people go about their business.

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Farage's new party after this latest catastrophic anti-conservative lockdown...

Five millon tory votes by Christmas

Ten million tory voters by Easter2021.

This time, those votes won't be coming back.

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This doesn;t tell us whether Dave is voting against the government on Wednesday or not.

Bet he supports them, like all the rest.

Still 70% support the new lockdown, according to the latest polls, so.....

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If you are unhappy with what is happening, do not blame Michael Gove.

Blame your conservative MP, who gave him, Johnson, Hancock and the SAGE committee the power to destroy Britain's economy, life and liberty and still do to this day.

When the catastrophic impact of the reign of terror of these people comes home to roost, your MP will say they had misgivings all along.

Whatever else you do, do not believe that.

Look at the contrast between our government and a genuine conservative like Donald Trump, who is offering hope, self reliance, prosperity and liberty to gargantuan crowds across America.

What we have is not conservative. It is anti-conservative.

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A question to any voter still bothering with these 'conservatives', who still think this party can deliver the prosperous, free society we all want to see.

Goodness. What's wrong with you? Can;t you see how futile that is? what will it take to make you see?

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The government has junked just about every other conservative principle in the book in the last nine months.

One more here or there isn;t going to make much difference.

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True but that would entail the government admitting the colossal mistakes they have made already.

They would see London burn rather than do that. Because the mistakes are now too huge.