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Yes, do away with 'hate crime' altogether. As Conservatives we need to be distinctive and stand firm for certain things. One of them might possibly be 'common sense'.
When we have a broken justice system (OK, you be a victim of proper crime and find out) it's beyond high time for our Party to start securing changes.'Hate crime' cannot be taken seriously in the face of the facts.
The police have been ruined, the courts are a shambles, the CPS is a farce, and criminal penalties are a joke. Where should we start? Haven't we done well?
You try to be humble, but the truth of the matter is that many of us could rally the country behind us if just given half a day and the back of an envelope.
Just one thing. With appalling delays in contested trials why not appoint several hundred experienced criminal solicitors and barristers as stipendiary magistrates, and clear the decks. Trial date? Tomorrow! Restrict jury trials, and generally just change them to a judge sitting with two lay assessors. Five year delays; come on, that's absurd.

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My experience is living and working in the UK, Canada, Australia and the South Pacific apart from continental Europe. To my mind, the difference in attitude to getting things done, alternatively dickering about, is stark. It is an accepted continental objection to call this being "Anglo-Saxon' about things.

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Good points, I feel. So much and for so long is all about 'what we will do'. If 'what we will do' ever got done then there'd be far fewer problems.
Priti Patel is a classic in this regard. If we only had 'what she will do' instead of empty rhetoric we'd be in Nivarna.

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We'll work at fixing that over time, whilst the EU binds itself evermore in tight, red tape. The honest truth is that the continentals love it. They really do. It's just the way they think, and it gives us a substantial advantage. They call it 'Anglo-Saxon' thinking.

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Well said, but very sad.
I'm reminded of my mother having a 'carer' calling every day to get her out of bed, showered and sorted for the day. When she often didn't show up mum would struggle to manage alone. The carer might call at, say, 11, and cheerily say there was nothing for her to do, so mum just had to sign the sheet to confirm that she had called (so she'd be paid). Being my dear mum she still had her marbles and would decline to sign. This did not make her popular.
The myth that all 'carers' are angels is just that, I'm afraid.

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You're plainly a good person- I really mean it. My own view is that the more foodbanks you open the more you will need. This is simply because the option of going to the foodbank releases funds from benefit money or otherwise to spend on all sorts of other things.
I could open a shoebank, and you would see. There would be a queue. And you would say that proves people are shoeless. It's priceless, my friend!

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Just send in your application to the ESA. Why not?

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I have volunteered for a mission with the ESA. I believe senior citizens in robust health are appropriate candidates for dangerous missions. The prospect of a one-way mission to Mars with a Union flag seems to me to be something to aspire towards. What a way to go!
Far better than allowing young people to risk their futures, I feel.

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Who are these three million who have gone hungry in the UK? I think it's awful to imagine our own countrymen, let alone other people, going without food. I have not come across any evidence of people going hungry over the past year during the pandemic. It appears to me to be very important to identify exactly who and where these people may be. I honestly feel the same perplexity about suggestions that we have millions of children in poverty.
To my mind 'going hungry' does not mean not having a full choice of food, or say, spending benefit money on stuff other than your food. It means facing much of the time with nothing to eat. A child in poverty is not, to me, a statistic in the agenda of a politically motivated agenda, it's a child in rags and no food. That's poverty.
We must not debase our language, i feel, because if we do so then when that language is literally justified people will not be properly concerned.

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All maximum prison sentences should be recognised as related to one another, otherwise the whole system becomes illegitimate.
Imagine the effect on a woman who has been beaten up and raped by a former boyfriend when his sentence is five years imprisonment, and a fool who evades the quarantine gets the same or more. How would you feel? It is simply absurd, and whoever has failed to take this obvious point on board has a problem with competence, I'm afraid.
There are many wider issues about imprisonment, and they need to be aired.