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Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is powering forward due to the discipline and fear applied to control the virus. Curiously, it's that same discipline and fear that prevented the control of the virus in the first place.
President Trump's failings are paraded before us on a daily basis, but at the UN conference recently he was the only world leader to have the courage to mention what China has caused.
It's not a matter of seeking redress, or wanting conflict: it's just a matter of telling the truth about something that has rocked the world, and why. It was the disciplining of the young Chinese doctor who had the courage to blow the whistle that reveals the weakness of their system. Sadly, the man is now dead.

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Always an interesting post.

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Yanos kindly explained to us very clearly what was evident anyway. The EU does not go in for negotiation. Their method is to pretend to negotiate, but in reality to bludgeon the opponent like a prize fighter.This sort of thinking is just another reason for divorcing ourselves from this particular club. The only reason we cannot have a Canada-style arrangement is because that would avoid punishing us for leaving, and encouraging others to do the same.
If Boris cannot fire up national enthusiasm and optimism nobody can do it. It really is important to recognise that this country has amazing, brilliant people in it in so many walks of life. Just light the blue touch-paper, Boris, (yes it must be true blue) and stand back and just see what a free and competitive UK will achieve.

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All fully agreed. Why is nothing done? I suppose you share my view that the agenda for fundamental change could be presented by the Home Office tomorrow to show that we have a competent government that recognises all the chaos. If you and I can see it why can't they? Priti makes a good speech, but she's nowhere near screaming out a message that could not be ignored. If she did she'd be unsackable, and could make a real mark for herself. At present she's just content to gnaw at the edges.

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When I assert that the police have been ruined I find it difficult to understand why nothing is being done about it. It's not only the police; it's also the Crime Commissioners, the CPS, the Courts, the justice system, the sentences and the prisons. The whole lot have been ruined, but nothing is being done. Why?
Funding is trotted out as a reason for the police restricting their activities so that crime is not normally investigated. That excuse is exploded by the title of Daniel's article here. I believe the political will to correct these matters is absent, although the answers are plain enough. I am hoping that The Sunday Times or another journal will raise the banner. Meanwhile, we are lucky to sleep easy in our beds, for there is no law and order to protect us any more. It's gone!

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Nobody seems to mention the role of all the private hospitals all over the country in all of this. They have, of course, been taken over by the NHS, and doubtless will be well paid for it.
I believe it was an initiative by the private sector that led to their take over, and what a difference they have made to the total capacity of the NHS to cope.
If it was up to those on the Left there would be no private hospitals at all. They would all have been closed down long ago for idealogical reasons. This would have stopped hundreds of thousands of people from 'jumping the queue' by paying for their operations and care. Well, what do they say now? Mea culpa? Gratitude? No nothing.
The funny thing is that commentators on the Right are equally silent. I fail to understand this.
The agenda seems clear that there may be no criticism of the NHS after Covid. But in truth it should finally bring us to the realisation that the NHS needs complete overhaul, particularly in administration, and that the private sector needs stimulus and encouragement. Tax relief on health insurance would be a good start.

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Don't these fools realise that many of us have lost much of our respect and trust in the police forces. Well its also the CPS, the courts and something we used to call 'justice'. N.B. It's little to do with money; that's just the excuse.

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Good call!

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Why do some people choose to have multiple children? Say, nine or ten, when they have no realistic prospect of supporting them? Must we accept that it's a God-given, human right to have just as many children, possibly by multiple mothers or fathers as you wish? Are we prevented from dealing with this issue in any way due to pity for the innocent children? Is there no answer that doesn't label you some sort of Nazi?
If the answer to the above is that there is no restraint to be applied in any way then the possibility of a self-respecting community is much reduced.
I believe there are good and sensible answers, but there's little appetite for them.

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All children must be properly fed. That seems to me to be a starting point from which we'd all agree. The problem is diverging on how best to achieve this.
The easy route is always to throw other people's money at it. Forget the public benefit which (however poorly calculated) is supposed to pay for the children's food. Forget the fact that surely loving parents would feed their children well before themselves, or fags or booze or drugs or lottery cards. Forget the need for people to be held responsible for anything. Just chuck more and more money at the problem. You'll never secure loving, self-protecting families this way. It simply does not work. All you'll do is promote a culture of complete dependence and victimhood.
The harder route is so often truly the kinder one. By all means provide free school meals at lunchtime, but children need to be seen to be loved and cared for. All parents need to know that falling down on the job is not acceptable. If necessary children need to be placed with people who will love and care for them.
Policies are required to discourage irresponsible, single parenthood. Responsible parenthood needs to be helped by low taxes and good pubic services.