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re Ms Cherry (Alex Salmond's vicar in Parliament), the excellent Effie Deans has her bang to rights:

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The Wards concerned do have a high ethnic population: a high number of illegal immigrants working in "sweat-shops" in house with high multiple population, It should be said though that many of them are from Bangladesh rather than Pakistan

Yet two weeks ago it was acceptable to point out that the Asian Population for various reasons were more vulnerable to the virus yet this week, its don;t mention this

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Liverpool's average home gate is 60,000+. I doubt if 5% of them were involved in the disturbances. They should have been dealt with harshly. A Chief Constable such as the late Ken Oxford would have known how to deal with them.

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The only neutral tax is no tax

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Borderscot 55 comes to mind

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History has demonstrated that it took five or six generation before an immigrant group became accepted in Britain be it Vikings, Normans, Huguenots (of which my grandmother's family claim descent), Italians, Irish and Jews. The barriers to acceptance were not usually race but more often than not religion.

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The same should go for Gaelic l although it would be more sensible to use therm only in those areas where it is spoken say by over 10% of the population

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"..........not least those of farmers in Ireland, France, Bavaria and Northern Italy, for whom no trade deal would be catastrophic." The writer seems be labouring under the misunderstanding that most the UK population actually cares about these people

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"Assumption is the mother of all cock-ups" - President Jack Ryan

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You would prefer money from hostile states such as China, Russia or the EU ?