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Hey look:
A Justin Beiber video with almost five million views and two hundred thousand likes... guess that means he's good, right?

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Oh God! Not this thing! The bar must be pretty damn low if people think this is a good story.

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I am. I love Shadowbolt's synopsis/predictions what have you, they are entertaining,even when he rips into episodes I liked.
I don't know if he's actually being truthful or just playing his criticisms up, but he's the balance to the disgusting hivemind hugbox that slowly pushes me away from this fandom, seeing a vast majority of people praise every episode every week as 12/10 starts to drive a man to the brink, you know. And why is there this hate mob to ban him? He hasn't done anything wrong besides talk negative about a cartoon in which he never seems to contend with his detractors who are seriously chastising him (aka the mature thing to do). Ironically the replies in his posts seem more ban worthy than what he posts since they always insult him and tell him nobody cares about his posts. What's funny is the same people accusing him of this week after week respond to his comments, so obviously you care about him enough to reply.

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Then maybe EqD shouldn'

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There was a really generic song in the cold open... As a person who doesn't embellish this show's music and thinks most of it sounds samey and repetitive, I simply shrugged and thought to myself "meh, good to get it over with now and just have to make it through the reprise they are probably going to do at the end."

...but then there was another forgettable song and the plot seemed to be going at a unusual quick pace...uh okay...two songs in an that's strange....

Then another bland song about trying to make Diamond Tiara sympathetic in one of the most cliche ways imaginable...

At this point in my heart of hearts, I knew what this was and what was going to happen... God dammit, they did it again...God dammit. It's MMC V 2.0.

This one didn't reek of the selly-outty-ness MMC did and I don't feel as butthurt about this episode as I did MMC, and the fact I can actually see potential coming out of this unlike Princess 'Rodimus' Sparkle, but my God, was this episode horribly written, again, you're about to make a big change to the formula, and of ALL things you could do, you choose a musical for it... Here's a little test, slice off that "ending" to this episode and think to yourself "Would you have still considered that a good episode?" They could have almost tacked that on to any recent CMC episode and it would have made as much sense.

For me the journey is the most important, and don't feed me the whole series thus so far was the journey. It being presented in this episode in such a rushed and sloppy manner just spoils it for me.

To further illustrate my grievances with MMC and this:
It's like someone kicking you in the balls for 18 minutes then giving you a Mercedes Benz.
And when ever you look at this Mercedes Benz you understand it's nice car, but you are just reminded of all the pain you went through to get it whenever you look at it.

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*Long exasperated sigh*

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The grasping at straws on why the movie got bad ratings is strong with this topic.

Maybe it's because not as many people are interested with pone anymore, let's face it, it's not as big as it once was. Seriously, the 1st and 2nd one got higher ratings and they were leaked prior and had select theatrical releases. This had everything going for it the other two had and then some with it being debuting here. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Most of those undesirable spaghetti droppers who latch onto whatever is popular at the moment and bolster it to an insufferable level have mostly flocked over to Steven Universe to infect that fanbase. Now I can semi-enjoy my pone without be correlated with autism and manchildren (relatively speaking) because those annoying little mutants are making everyone hate SU now.

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ITT: Nobody understands hyperbole.

Hey guys I'm going to tell you how I died a million times in Dark Souls over the weekend. Now please correct me on why it would be impossible to die a million times in a video game over the coarse of a weekend.

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"That was something that was always planned for the show."