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Given the whole Rainbow Power thing, I suspect that Twilight will run into some sort of problem with the new powers and end up splitting them among herself and her friends.

Could be good, could be bad. But what seems slightly ominous to me is the title: Twilight's Kingdom. We've seen a bunch of hints of this Rainbow Kingdom stuff in the ads, and my reaction is...meh.

There's a couple ways they could handle that development, but my nightmare scenario is one that a lot of people seem to be quite enthused about: Twilight reigns as princess, with her friends serving as her "advisors," or something similar.

Quite frankly, I utterly despise this idea. I hate the concept of only Twilight being fit to be a ruler while her friends only deserve to be her cute little royal court.

On a more general note, I can at least give the writers credit for having some decent buildup to the finale. (At least compared to the end of S3.)

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Good lord, I had to pay for memory suppression drugs after Season 11...yet I'm still haunted by that horrible radish and his ghastly sex-ed song.

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I finally escaped from the cyborg insane asylum. Their attempts to reprogram me have failed.

I regret not one thing I did at the Season 29 finale screening. After they gave Twilight yet another pair of wings, I felt a red haze cloud my neuro-optic implants. Who can blame me for what happened next?

Oh, and I refuse to compensate Hasbro for the violent demolition of the 300 foot Celestia statue. It was a blasphemy against God.

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How spineless of them.

That's pretty damn amazing. A lot of schools have utterly anemic anti-bullying policies, but a school that outright panders to bullies?


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If you want to like an episode, no one's stopping you. And if someone tells you that you're an idiot for liking it, to hell with them.

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"Being a Mary Sue isn't as much about what a character does as about who they are."

Characters are chiefly defined by their actions, not by their backgrounds. The actions of a character are what the readers will remember them by.

Likewise, Mary Sues aren't disliked simply because of their backgrounds; they're disliked because of their inability to make mistakes and their lack of need to learn any lessons.

"and what flaws she has amounts to working too hard, or being too nice, or giving of herself too much. "

As recent as Pinkie Apple Pie, she was shown as being argumentative, uptight, and spiteful towards others for petty reasons.

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"Twilight time wasn't a twilight ep"

It was half CMC and half Twilight. Regardless, it tried to deal with one of the issues raised by Twilight's status: fame.

"And why does it have to open up new challenges?"

New challenges must be introduced because you can't expect people to stay interested in a story where your protagonist has stopped developing.

The instability of Twilight's magic (as well as her freakouts, which are also now largely absent) was one of the few things that kept her character in check. Removing this flaw is a lot like having Superman develop a total immunity to Kryptonite. It destroys much of the tension.

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Then again, in episodes where Twilight was the focus (like the opener, or Three's A Crowd) she didn't have any particular flaws.

Contrast this with Pinkie Apple Pie, which had Applejack obsessing neurotically about trying to prove herself to Pinkie. Even Applejack has a lot of things to improve on.

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Even Applejack had significant flaws that kept her from being the end-all voice of reason, such as her extreme stubbornness.

Plus, Applejack's wisdom was never combined with the ability to deploy quick fix-it spells.