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It's happening, everyone is abandoning ship.

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"Welcome to the Space Jam."

So it's a new year, and we start off this year with FF #24 staring Rarity and Gilda. FF has had good run with their stories recently that put the main series comics to shame. And they get even more entertaining when they pair two characters that you wouldn't think of seeing team up. So what do I got to say about this comic……..........................IT'S COMPLETE SHIT!

This issue had no entertainment whatsoever. I was really expecting to enjoy this comic, but after I read it I had to check to make sure this wasn't a main series comic(it's that bad.) The writings cliche, the plot is boring, the art is atrocious, the characters were stereotypes, there was no comedy, and no consistency. While this comic did not go the route I thought it would, after reading this I wished it did(I would have less complaints.) What really killed this comic should be blamed on the artist Jay Fosgitt. Did this guy even watched the show or at the very least the one episode he should have seen? There were two characters from the Griffonstone episode in this comic and they DON'T look ANYTHING like they did in the episode!

So with that, I'm giving this story a 2/10. I'm very disappointed that we started this year with such a terrible issue that we all had high expectations in being very entertaining. I hope the comics staff get their shit together or this is going to be shitty year for MLP fans.

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Did the train purposely arrive late because Rarity wanted to say that line?

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I hope this doesn't repeat what happened with Rarity in Rainbow Falls.

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After Diamond Tiara having her big moment in the spotlight with her redemption this season, it's going to be weird to see her as her old bitchy self for one last time.

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I will say that FF does have better things going on than the main series.(sometimes.)

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Go home Seth, your drunk.

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Wasn't Slice of Life considered not canon?

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I figured if the Fluttershy clone didn't win, it would be the Twilight clone.

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And so ends another arc and I got to say, I'm very disappointed in how it ended. That is the pattern of these comics, start off strong and then finish weakly. I once thought the comics were better than the show. They had more freedom to do what they wanted and tackle things the show can never do. But now, the comics are now worse. This arc is like Star Wars Episode III or like the recent season finale.

The Umbrum that were promoted to be scary and powerful were basically idiots. The fact that at first they were losing to a bunch a civilian ponies that only fought back with food and shiny clothes made me facepalm. The battle itself was stupid. So the rest of the Mane 6 went back to Ponyville and recruited a few civilians and the CMC(how stupid you have to be to brings kids to a battle?) to fight the Umbrum. Sounds like a good plan at first(not unless you say it out loud.) but how about instead of doing that how about, oh I don't know GOING TO FUCKING CANTERLOT AND GET GETTING THE FUCKING ROYAL GUARDS! They're princess are statues, that clearly enough motivation for them to march to the Empire and fight and save their princesses. Because fighting a race of monsters that almost conquered the Crystal Empire with only cake, apples, ropes, cute animals, AND FUCKING SHINY CLOTHES is obviously a foolproof plan that guarantees victory. And Hope has finally reached the finish line and figured out how stupid she was. The only part I liked was her basically saying FUCK DESTINY, I DO WHAT I WANT. Thats like the writers of the comics giving the finger to the writers of the show(you have regained a little bit of my respect.) I'm also disappointed that the legion of doom were not in the issue anymore. I figured they would be in the final battle fighting the Umbrum thus giving them the chance to redeem themselves, but nooo, that didn't happen. When they were first brought up I expected them to be doing a bunch of badass shit, but after the first issue they didn't do anything for the remainder of the story. And once again, just like in the finale. You could be Hitler and have done so many evil terrible things, but you can be forgiven as long as you say you're sorry. So now I'm supposed to believe that Sombra is a good guy and is walking around Equestria searching for Princess Amore's remains with Hope. If they do bring her back, is she going to take back her throne and kick Cadance and Shining Armor out of her castle? Should I be expecting this in like the next season or something?(I being sarcastic obviously.)

So once again, another arc has ended with disappointment. Like Hope, I only have myself to blame for having high expectations for this arc. I wonder if I'll learn my lesson by the next time they do another adventure arc?