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My biggest bone to pick with this stems from EA being the publisher for Rock Band. Just in that one series alone, look at how shabbily they treated the Wii. Games being crippled with a lack of features, zero effort put forth in trying to integrate the Wii Remote (which, come on, how hard could it be?), and just look at the huge delays! The first one came out more than six months earlier for the other platforms, for crying out loud!

I say all this just to get the point across: if EA is so upset over their lack of sales on the Wii, they have no one to blame but themselves. Their incredibly poor treatment of the Wii plus lack of any serious advertisement campaigns explains it all.

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In my humble opinion, all that the Wii needs is a major hardware upgrade (HD at least) and a more gamer-friendly online setup. We may already be seeing a bit of the latter via Guitar Hero 5, but I'm hoping Nintendo will official make a console code the only one you need, and set up some kind of systems (Stars? Coins?) to compete with Achievements & Trophies.

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Because, as much as I hated to admit it for the longest time, it's the superior game.

Also, they've shown signs of learning from their mistakes (e.g., finally putting DLC into RB2 for the Wii). I'm just assuming they'll take advantage of the innovations VV has already made.

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Honestly, I'm glad, but not thrilled. I bought GH:WT, and it's the last music game I'll buy until Rock Band 3 (which I hope they don't call it that) comes out. Rock Band earned my hate for a long, long time for how shabbily they treated Wii owners, but if they play their cards right (by that I mean taking advantage of the pioneering done by VV), all can be forgiven. I'm ready for a great game with a dedicated storage system and tons of great music.

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I wasn't excited in the least. That is, until the picture of Mario fighting Morton surfaced. Koopalings FTW! Who's with me?

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I still want to get this, because if it's even 70% as good as the first, it'll be amazing. But so far it looks nearly identical.

Bee Suit instead of Tanooki = EPIC FAIL.

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Thank goodness, new reviews. Not just that, either. It's well thought-out and informative. Like all the ones I loved so much in the past.

One problem, though: I was trying to explain to a friend of mine why I liked The Wiire's review process so much, but the page on "What does this grade mean?" is gone! I'd really like for that to come back, so anyone new to the site can understand the scoring, tilt, etc. Please?

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I agree with almost half of your post. When it comes to games, when one is rated "Mature" usually yes, it's closer to the opposite. Developers have figured out American teenagers: fill something with mindless violence and gore, and profit. This is and has been a problem within the gaming industry, and to some extent, the film industry as well.

HOWEVER: There can be and are very violent films which are not only breath-takingly beautiful (Sin City being the prime example), but also deep and rich in way of storylines. Please understand I don't condone mindless violence or "violence for violence's sake."

But in all honesty, violence is not something to get all up in arms about. IMO, it's hardly ever a reason to merit a rating in film. Violence & aggression are natural, from two jungle cats fighting over meat on the discovery channel to the wars and conflicts throughout man's history.

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Why doesn't James make a developer document? It'd be like Survivorman: the Game. Waggle your way to a full belly, battle the forces of nature! Sound good to anyone?

I would like to note, though, that it was Iwata saying how underwhelmed he was with Wii Music's performance. I really would like to hear from Miyamoto-san, seeing how Wii Music was his brainchild, and he seemed so excited for it.

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At the risk of sounding too much like either a /b/tard and/or kotakuite, FIRST! Downloading now, I'm sure I'll have something to say later. James King is back! Wahoo!