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Unfortunately, I'm a little behind in the release schedule - I have another episode we've already recorded previously that still needs to be released. But after that, you'll be sure to hear all of our thoughts on the 3DS.

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I didn't get into this due to the podcast running long already, but I still believe online could have easily worked in NSMBW. To use your point about Brawl, I have experienced the messy lagfests you speak of, but I've also played 4-player online matches with friends in the same city with practically no lag. I also play games on my computer (and other consoles) all the time with very little lag to speak of.

So what's the difference? Obviously there are a lot of factors one has to consider when developing an online game, but in the best case scenario lag should not be an issue, unless the people you're playing with are very far away, due to the way games can optimize controls and character movement. This is especially true for a simpler (from a technical standpoint) 4-player game like NSMBW. Now compare this with a game like M.A.G. on the PS3, which claims to support up to 256 players with very little lag, and you should start to see why there's almost no excuse from a technical standpoint to not include an online mode.

It could be a "design decision", like mentioned previously, or it could simply be Nintendo being lazy about not developing a competent online system, which I personally think is far more likely the case.

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You can contact us here:

If you're looking to send something specifically about the podcast, just click the Podcast Feedback link on that page!

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It's interesting to see Sony so much higher on the list than Nintendo, despite the PS3 using 10x more power than the Wii when playing games. Clearly the manufacturing, recycling, and emissions policies are given greater emphasis than power draw alone, which is only one of the 15 total rated critera (and only one of 5 Nintendo didn't score zero on).

Power draw info:

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I didn't buy this because I already own the three games individually, but I'm sad to see this go away so quickly. They are some of my all-time favorite games.

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You can, with an unlocked phone. But, carriers use different frequencies for features like 3G, so not everything would work as well as it would on a T-Mobile network. So for example you could buy the Nexus One unlocked an use it on an AT&T or Verizon network, but you would only get voice and the slow version of their data service.

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I haven't played any of those WiiWare titles, thus couldn't cast my vote for any of them.

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I have the power to wake you up?


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I could record myself in an Australian accent from now on, maybe that would spice things up, mate.

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They couldn't possibly charge for this; the Starfox IP belongs to Nintendo and it would be a clear copyright infringement.

Even a free version is questionable; if Nintendo asks them to take it down, they'll have no choice. The best we can hope for is Nintendo's blessing to allow this to be released.