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Now that I think of it, I would really like to see how Pikmin could be handled on the 3DS. Pikmin's miniature-scaled game world could make for a really neat effect. Usually 3D screens are treated like a window, with the action happening behind it, but it would be neat if they could make it look like the screen was flat and the Pikmin were walking on top of it, or something along those lines.

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A key point here is that Sony doesn't just make game consoles. They also make TV's, including the 3D variety. A Nintendo home console that uses 3d could sway more people to buy those TV's, which means more money for Sony, even though it's not coming from a game console.

When Nintendo is talking about the glasses, their motive isn't so much to keep people from the other consoles as to draw people in to their own glasses-free tech. They have no reason to bash 3D TV's, because Nintendo doesn't make TV's, and what they are saying doesn't directly attack the other companies' video game technology. However, the way Nintendo has chosen to hype its own tech does downplay current TV tech (however unintentionally this is) which is bad for Sony, just not the Playstation specifically.

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I would like to think they mean attractive personality-wise, but it's hard to say.

Honestly, while to ignore The existance of Samus's sex appeal woud be stupid. She was seen in a bikini in her first game for crying out loud, but I hope they don't dwell on this too much in the game. With Samus, I would very much appreciate it if they kept the breast physics at a minimum. I just don't think that portreyal suits her. But the average adolescant male gamer might not agree.

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Usually, when it comes to Metroid games, I go for the gameplay first, and the story is a nice addition, always present and deceptively deep especially for how subtle it is. If you're not careful, you could miss it completely. However, with this game, I find myself looking forward to the story even more than the gameplay (which isn't to say the gameplay doesn't interest me as well, just not as much.) I've wanted to know more about Malkovich ever since I played fusion, and Samus is an interesting character that is overdue to be fleshed out.

The onlything that worries me a bit is that since we've seen very little of Samus's personality so far, they can take her in pretty much any direction, and wherever they how will be the precedent for her future appearances. Here's hoping she doesn't get down the path of so many promising lead females in video games, where the main personality trait is "a woman," sometimes with the adjective "strong" thrown in there, but the character is flat otherwise. I'm looking at you mirrors edge.

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"Those dedicated crowds already have the danged console."

Yeah, and for that matter, the same can be said for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The motion controls alone wont sell those consoles. Most people buying consoles just for the motion controlled games first off would most likely for the Wii brand name, and if they didn't they would see the price difference between buying the Wii and just playing Wii sports, and buying an HD console along with the necessary attachments and games.

The way I see it, Microsoft and Sony's best bets are to try to make their motion controlled games cater to a different crowd than the Wii's. The Wii has pretty much locked in its demographic for this generation, and the only way to pull them away will be to make a new console that focuses on motion controls, which frankly, I hope they don't do, because I like my Xbox 360 for traditional style games. Better yet, one of them should come up with a new innovation that no one has seen and blow the other two out of the water like the Wii did this generation.

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So basically what they are saying is that ceteris paribus, a 3rd party game will be listed higher in the ranks of the PS3 titles than the Wii titles. The way I see it is that this would only really pull away developers who are pushing out shoddy games for a quick buck and wondering why they get bad ratings. I would think that most developers who actually put effort and care in there games would realize that a high quality game sells on any platform. (as long as the game is mainstream enough, which is a rant for another day.) This might even be especially true for the Wii, where long-time gamers are so starved for quality content.

Plus, it is worth considering that (and these are just estimates) a top 20 game on the Wii might be comparable to a top 10 game on the PS3 in sales figures, just because of the Wii's ridiculous install base, and the PS3's... lack thereof. Sure, top "10 on the PS3" has a nice ring to it, and it definately helps your marketing, but when it comes down to money, which is the most important thing for a game company, the most important thing is the number of copies sold, not where the game ranks for just one console. (This, unfortunately, is why shovelware is successful on the Wii.) Besides, come on guys, there's no shame in being a step or two behind Mario. The guy is in a league of his own.

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Yeah. The question isn't if they are working on one; that's a given. The question is when they are going to announce what it is.

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It all depends on who the developers are that are retreating. This could potentially mean that some of the developers finally realized that people don't want shovelware.

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While I would like to see Mario and Sonic in some sort of adventure together, I'm going to have to call shenanigans on this one.

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I'm not sure I'm a fan of this being episodic. I have a feeling that it will end up being over priced, but I'll probably end up buying it anyway because I'm a sucker for Sonic. I just hope that they bring back the Genesis game physics as well. I didn't really care for the Sonic Advance games or Sonic Rush, which were all 2D, but the screen moved so fast that you couldn't tell what was coming, and the game-play ended up turning into "Hold right until you win."

I'm keeping my eye on this game, but not much can really be said about it at this point. We know the concept, but we've seen about two and a half seconds of actual game-play.

This whole game seems to be a result of fanboy ravings. We've always had a steady supply of 2D Sonic games, if only on the handhelds, but the fanboys have been whining and complaining ever since the Dreamcast days that they wanted Sonic Team to make Sonic 4, as if just giving a game that name would automatically make it a masterpiece. Given the experience I've had with Sonic fanboys, I could totally see one of the Sonic Team higher-ups finally breaking and letting out a tired sigh before muttering, "Okay, fine. I can't take it anymore. Let's just make a game called Sonic 4 to shut them up."