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The same number of folks ( 65-75% ) are happy with the coverage that they have. Watching Meet The Press yesterday, I noticed how HHS Director Sebelius kept skirting the issues of how a government run plan will force out the competition (private insurance companies), raise the cost of everyone's health care, increase the deficit and force small businesses to foot the bill. It's not a matter of who wants it, but how can we pay for it and who is going to pay for it. Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend ...

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Let me get this straight - Al Franken is now a U.S. Senator ? Surely this is a sign of the Apocalypse ! I would have a difficult time thinking of a comedian less funny as this guy . Maybe Bill Maher or Garafalo but let's not give those two any ideas ! Couldn't they come up with someone who actually makes people laugh like Ron White or Lisa Lampinelli ? Heck, I'd vote for Triumph The Insult Comic Dog over this bozo .

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Maybe, just maybe the Tea Parties are working! I've been to 3 more rallies since Tax Day and missed a few more. July 4th will be another step in the movement to Wake Up America. Attend any rally in or near your hometown!

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I've been a registered independent for 20 years now and am proud of it! There are drawbacks, though. Here in my state independents cannot vote in Democrat or Republican primaries. Hopefully, Kentucky is an exception to the rule and most states allow independents to vote in primaries but I may have to (briefly) switch over to the GOP to help Dr. Rand Paul get his Party's nomination for the Senate in 2010.

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I'm fresh from a Tea Party today so I'm fired up. It will take an organized movement (Fairtax, Libertarians, Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty, Independents, End The Fed, MPP, etc.) to bring this all together. Complacency will kill us all. If we sit back and say "Oh,shucks, the government would never do that to us" we're done. They can and will do it to us in the name of Democracy and we can all sit back and wonder "What Happened?" I'm ready for #2 !!!!

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I apologize for not replying sooner. You agree then that McC supported bailouts, cap and trade and amnesty for illegals. I think other posts have confirmed his stance on gun control and off shore drilling, so, to me, its pretty obvious how McC lost the election. There wasn't much difference between the candidates. Personally, I didn't vote for either one of these bozos and if other parties would receive free gov't campaign money and be included in the debates the rest of the American people would have been aware of the real alternatives for POTUS.

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The 5000 Year Leap and Mark Levine's Liberty And Tyranny are on my Father's Day wish list. I also recently re-read Animal Farm and suscribed to Reason magazine. I have made a promise to myself to become a better informed, more educated American and will defend our Constitution any way I can.

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Although the Republican candidate would have been better than what was elected, I was against him on several issues.
McCain supported the bailouts and stimulus package.
He co-sponsered the Amnesty Bill for illegal immigrants.
He opposes off shore drilling.
He supports gun control and a ban on gun shows.
He believes in the global warming conspiracy and wants cap and trade
How John McCain became the GOP candidate I'll never know. Romney's sudden drop out and Huckabee's tactics during the campaign pretty much put the nomination in McCain's lap and he didn't have a clue what to do with it. In my opinion, the GOP and mainstream media can share the credit for the Obama family residing in the White House.

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Very inspiring! Too many of us like to blame and complain and then do nothing. It is so important that we educate ourselves - first and foremost read the Constitution. Think about how our government has trampled on it and what we can do to retrieve the powers granted to us by that document. The Constitution is the foundation our country was built upon. Read It Learn It Love It ! Heritage .org will send you a free copy if you need one.

Thank you for the Margaret Mead quote - I will post it to my Facebook page.

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I've found that another great way to connect (especially locally) is through Facebook. There are many groups that are involved in many ways - 2nd Amendment, Fair Tax, Audit The Fed, Tea Parties, etc. Glenn's site should be used more for a launching pad for people to become informed and aware, not a place for people to b**ch and moan.