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Gotta go with the non-functioning AM/FM radio in my 1971 Chevy. Chrome knobs, a row of push-button presets that shoot the orange needle left and right. It'd be handier to install a working radio, maybe even upgrade to an 8-track, but this just looks right.

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Given Moore's Law, the greatest gap will always remain ahead. As technology progresses, the elite group keeping up will shrink. Soon we will play the roles of charmingly inept fogies fumbling with the latest technologies.

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iPods and other MP3 players as the iPhone feasts upon its young.

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I started out as a newspaper reporter with a debilitating love of autos. I worked into a statewide daily paper's business section to cover a couple auto companies, a local auto plant and the state's industrial production scene. Cars = cool. Factories that make cars = geek overload. As the newspaper world collapsed, I jumped to a medical center's PR office where I cover biomedical research. I used to think cars were fascinating as the confluence of many finely tuned systems. Then learned (a tiny bit) about the human body. Although the job pays only moderately, I get to intoxicate my geek side. Just today I interviewed a neurologist about a clinical trial of adult-derived stem cells as therapy for stroke. Then toured the gross anatomy lab with the department chair and watched medical students knife apart real live dead bodies.

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The plane is made of coke.

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If nothing else came of Horowitz's lighted pot, at least it finally justified its assessment of the kettle.

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I know what you mean. Being three hours north of the Coast in Jackson, Katrina's effects amounted to a major inconvenience, an extra expense and a sprinkling of adventure. Like a lot of people here, I tried to keep perspective, given so many people on the Coast & in NOLA died and many more faced prolonged mental, physical and property damage. Living and reporting through it, though, proved the most eye-opening event for me in terms of function/dysfunction of American society.

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The week following Hurricane Katrina brought 90+ temps with sticky humidity, widespread power outages, gas shortages and very limited cell service. Most nights, we drank hot beer in the blackness.