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Very sad indeed. Zimmer had a 7-2 majority in. 2015. Ravi ran a scorched earth campaign splitting reform by taking shadowy advice. Granted he won but it took an outside flier to get him elected and his plurality was a mere 33%. Very sad indeed.

He now has a 2-7 minority at least with respect to council appointments in 2018. That is not sad but makes me rather happy. Checks and balances happy.

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Viva La Resistance!

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The Jake Stuiver, Mark Heyer and Nancy Pincus smearfest and mutual love fest continues. I have never seen more bitter winners in my life. Ravi won the big prize and these loons are still carrying on about it. Between Jake’s multiple screen names and duplicitous backstabbing, Mark Heyer’s feigned hypersensitive PC correctness over every phrase turned or uttered as if he was competing for the number one snowflake of the year award and Nancy Pincus with her outright fabrications, slipshod fact checking, propaganda promoting, and petty piss poor personal attacks we have the core trifecta of Bonkers for Bhalla. Don’t even get my started on The Shadow or No Fun Forde.

With that said I hope Ravi at least follows through on his promise to be the infrastructure Mayor. His negative campaigning has him now with a 4-3-2, 2-7, or 5-4 City Council depending on issue and how he proceeds. I do say congratulations but keep in mind we went from a 7-2 Council majority to a 4-3-2 Council because Dawn Zimmmer had to have her way. Perhaps this realization by Bitter Bhalla Backers explains the bitterness.

I for one have no room in my life for lying shrews or conniving carpetbaggers. Enjoy the win B4Bers. Clean up your act! You won! Be happy! Can You?


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FAP- while Roman as a credentialed challenger was protecting the integrity of elections Nancy Pincus was fabricating lies about Roman’s service to fair Elections. Roman was likely protecting Ravi’s opponents from double voting or voter impersonation and yet Mark Heyer and Jake Stuiver are singing her praises. She has intentionally defamed Roman and is unhinged and toxic to the public discourse.

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How many German engineers does it take to design a European Market?

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It’s amazing. In 2009 backers of reform and Zimmer were very weary of PACS and outside money as well as concern about a Hoboken being overdeveloped due to that big money.

Fast forward to 2017 and all of a sudden there is nothing wrong with Ravi getting $50k plus in support from a PAC that clearly is hell bent on putting profit ahead of sensible commercial development from his core supporters.Why then is Zimmer endorsing as her successor a candidate that has abandoned this platform for upward political ambition?

Mayor Zimmer has joined in this abandonment of reform by endorsing a non-reform candidate. There is only candidate left that is the embodiment of those reform principles and that is Jen Giattino.

I have decided to put partisanship aside and vote for the grass roots candidate that will represent Hoboken best and not be funded by special interests. That candidate is Jen Giattino.

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Video truck,
Video truck,
Political campaigns,
Just embrace the suck.

Video truck,
Video truck,
Throw a punch,
Make sure you duck.

Video truck,
Video truck,
Super PAC funding,
Hoboken is f*cked!

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RBC- Wow your transcendental towering transactionalism transforms and terraforms terrestrial transit transitioning Ravenous Redeveloping Ravi Robots into Defuscoesque Dense Developing Democrats while Nutso Nancy Natters Nason-like Negativism Negating all Niceties. That is sure a whole lot of conflicted consonance. Lol.

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I give you credit Notorious RBC- you are consistent in horse trading Hoboken's future for higher office. I'll give you that. Lol.

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Wow! Anyone with half a brain still think Ravi is a reformer? $50k plus in developer support? Wow! The curtain has been unveiled and Ravi's true intention of selling out Hoboken to the highest bidder has been confirmed. Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, tell your dogs, tell your neighborhood horse, we can't let Ravi Bhalla do this to Hoboken!