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Tiffanie sure is a shrewd negotiator. All she had to do was to agree to a 20% increase in the size of the project and she had the developer begging for mercy when it offered a giveback.

"A joint press release sent by Council President Ruben Ramos, 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham and 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino said revised plans for the hotel included adding 3 more floors (17 to 20) and increasing the square footage of the project by 20 percent."

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This is the first accurate thing you've posted in a long time Roman.

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Facts are Ravi was elected and we have a strong Mayor system, one way or another he will govern. The council can vote up or down on measures as they please and the voting public will judge them on their actions.

Much as with the vote for council president we're discussing, people can play in the mud but if they do they will not be allowed to pretend they have clean hands. People will remember.

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Russo is not a reformer. I was thinking more along the lines of Jim Doyle or Peter Cunningham, either would make an able Council President, have years of council experience, and are from the reform camps.

Why make a deal to seat Rubin rather than Peter or Jim?

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Actually no one knows that Ravi is pushing Russo, probably because he's not and this is another thing that you've cooked up, probably to defend or distract from whatever deal Jen and Tiffany plan to make. This story is about as factual as the other election stories that more closely resemble the ramblings of Infowars than reality. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see a story about the benefits of only drinking rain water and pure grain alcohol.

I agree that no translation was needed, what is going on here is transparent enough for anyone who is interested to see. That was also the problem with the narrative that Jen was in 1st and was surging to even more 1st, it was transparent too. When a Ward Councilperson running for Mayor doesn't win their own district let alone their own ward it means the people who know them best have lost confidence, no comparison campaign piece does that if the perception wasn't already there.

The reality is that there was no surge, there never was a surge, and if the Giattino campaign didn't poll and relied on the rumors of one they were very poorly served and it probably lead to the results we saw on election day.

If the Jen camp can't vote for a reformer that's been on the council for years for Council President, and there's every reason they should, and want to make an old guard deal they can do this and people will see it for what it is. And no grist, milled or otherwise, will change that.

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Roman: Ravi is supporting Russo for council President!!!!!!
Translation: Jen wanted the position but doesn't have enough votes to gain the seat again and we need a reason why.

Roman: I think Ruben Ramos would make an excellent Council President
Translation: I've claimed reform is dead so I'm going to try to make it happen.

Roman can you tell us the story of the "surge that never was" again ? Or the "Saga of Jen Namath"? These never gets old.

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So Councilman Mike Russo's uncle George Destefano was going through the tickets to see who voted? Definitely a no-no if he's not a poll worker. Roman do you plan to follow up with the County Clerk or the board of elections?

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I voted for Mike, I campaigned for Mike, I donated to Mike's campaign. I am incredibly disappointed by the people that Mike allows to represent him publicly online.

That this person or people Mike has spamming the boards appears to be trying to distract from a real conversation about Mike's campaign is worrisome. What is the conversation people are afraid to have?

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I don't post here often anymore but I was looking at this program and saw the venom here and thought I'd weigh in,

As someone who lives in Hoboken and works in Jersey City this is a very interesting program for me. There are numerous bike sites in Hoboken and one or two close enough to where I work to make this a viable commuting option 4-8 months a year, weather cooperating.

I spend a fair amount of time in NYC and looked at both programs and they have one significant thing in common, these are commuter programs not leisure programs. I've biked the west side highway from the financial district to the GWD and the 45 minutes allotted in each program is no nearly enough. However If I were commuting 15-30 blocks this time frame makes a lot of sense. Also you wouldn't likely bike from Hoboken into NYC or vice versa, the 45 minutes doesn't allow for it. You can pay more for extra time but I don't find that persuasive.

The cost is another factor The Hoboken plan is $95 a year the NYC program is $149. I'm much more willing to try this at 95 than 149 even if I had access to NYC bikes. Frankly when I used to commute to NYC I wouldn't think of taking the PATH or Bus in then picking up a bike.

I like that Hoboken tries new things and tries to find solutions that fit our city and not just go with a one size fits all. I liked corner cars, I used them several times, and iI'm going to give this a try. But that's me and your mileage may vary.

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I'm glad James asked the question, it's also good to see the Republicans rising from their long slumber.

I guess since Councilwoman Mason wants to answer this question in private she doesn't always believe that sunshine is the best of disinfectants.