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Wow you really are defensive Tony. It's not difficult to get you riled up. Never mind the fact that I never spoke that night and that you've been repeating that lie, and others for many years now, it really doesn't matter because I harbor no further political ambitions, not even on comittee where I stepped down as Vice-Chair.

Your Act is very amusing nontheless and I couldn't help but comment., You sign on here and rail on about the horrors of the opposition, yet when one of their "snakes", as you put it, find themselves in the mayor's office or council majority, you're very eager to work with them, particularly when there is something in it for you, like health insurance. Keep up the good work.

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Tony if you knew he was a snake why did you join his transition team? I remember you were very enthusiatic.

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I'm not the first person in the world to have a thought like this:

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I really wasn't trying to make commentary on anyone local. Take "The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation". Is such branding supposed to to subtle? The foundation is a monument to themselves. If that's what it takes I say embrace it. I just think I see it for what it is, is all.

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Well it's an interesting thing, philanthropy and I'm not talking about Greg or any individual person. We've seen an awful lot of people softly proselytizing either their group or themselves on facebook or with t-shirts and etc. It would be nice to think most people give exclusively out of concern for their fellow man. But we all know that's not the case. Failing that standard, it would be nice to think that most people give primarily out of concern for their fellow man, and secondarily to promote themselves. My view of philanthropy, and humanity unfortunately, is that most people give primarily to promote themselves, and secondarily to help their fellow man. That being the case it is probably best to embrace the nauseating self promotion, as most wouldn't give without promoting themselves in some fashion.

The dark place I choose not to go to, and I realize it is a choice, is that most people give EXCLUSIVELY to promote themselves and could not give a wit for their fellow man. I choose not to look at the world that dimly, but as it happens, this might be the most accurate assessment.

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Doh! Thx Eric.

My point still remains though. With no primary and no run off you make it basically impossible for anyone to ever emerge as the champion of the opposition or out party. Most folks on this site are supporters of the mayor so in a very narrow sense that would be a good thing. Incumbants already have an addvantage. I think this change would deal incumbants an almost unbeatable hand. I don't see how that leads to better gov't in the long run, whatever your assesment of the current administration is.

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Bret Schundler was elected Mayor of Jersey City with %17. Maybe that's OK. Special elections don't have run-offs. To one should be winning with 17%.

The fact is elections are not a very big expense in the grand scheme of things. 200 grand is approx. .2% of the annual municipal budget. When you consider that that money is used to allow the people to asert their soverignty it really is a pittance. I suspect all of the people that are gung-ho about this are the same people who will be crying bloody murder when someone sneaks into the mayor's office with 20%.

Consider the 2nd ward election a year ago. How many sour grapes have been spilled about the 3 candidate nature of the race? And that was WITH a runoff in play. I don't get it.

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Hoboken Mayor
36/36 100.00%
Candidate | Vote Count | Percent
Peter Cammarano | 3,402 | 34.07%
Ryn Malberg | 196 | 1.96%
Thomas Vincent | 248 | 2.48%
Dawn Zimmer | 3,614 | 36.19%
Elizabeth Mason | 2,330 | 23.33%
Frank Orsini | 192 | 1.92%
Personal Choice | 4 | 0.04%
Total 9,986 100.00%

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" When was the last time there was a Mayoral election where the person who came in first in the May election didn't win the run off? "

That was a rhetorical question right Forde?..the very last election. I'm sure you knew that:-)

I'm not sure what I think about the "no run offs" initiative just yet. For those who support it, one request...don't go crying when someone wins the mayor's office with 20%.

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Dingbatty can't express himself without lobbing obscenities. I'll give him credit for an accurate internet handle though.