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No compromise here on free and fair elections, either in Hoboken, Iowa or anywhere in the US. Bernie Sanders deserves the same rights as any candidate. That's where I hang my horseshoe.

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Now it's time for more election pause as the American voter considers what election interference really is.
(Hint: It's staring you right in the face.)

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Do you have similar information on dozens of people you say died in 90s and 2000s fires? How is a historian highlighting the Hoboken Fires earlier exploitation?

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It's a new scheme removing public opportunity to attend the State of the City. (Which as we all should know now is woeful with a big fat $7,000,000 deficit.)

This is quite odd and the State of the City is moving from the very large venue at Stevens to the tiny (in comparison) venue at the Mile Square Theater. Is it because Ravi Bhalla picked a ridiculous fight with our neighbors at Stevens? The Stable wholly disproves of the strongarm tactics heard being applied against the school. Why is it still happening?

There never were any controls with State of the City "tickets" issued under fomer mayor Dawn Zimmer. The public was invited and you showed up if you wanted to see it live. All were welcome but I'd imagine there are reasons based on control sough beyond the lack of incentive for Stevens to host the event as they kindly did for years.

Now you have to be approved by Ravi Bhalla's patronage staff. I bet they'll decide based on the seal standard. How ready are you to applaud like a seal to anything he says?


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You may feel that if more of the Ravi-Russo Alliance gets out, it will be a problem for Ravi Bhalla but he has his own political calculation. He is trying to keep his political "career." The revived dealmaking with Ravi and Russo is continuing and the trade will be for votes next year.

Who thought that Ravi Bhalla would bring in Anthony Russo into the mayor's office on the first day he took office as mayor?

But he did. He also tried to force Stick Romano to resign as Freeholder to install one of his patronage hires. Stick declined Ravi's "offer." So now Ravi Bhalla wants Stick Romano eliminated and nothing has changed about Michael Russo being his pick. Brian Stack is on board and that is the deal made.

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One can lose brain cells reading the dreck, lies and propaganda coordinated from the mayor's office at the Cave. First, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher just took the oath of office for her second term. The only Freeholder work she'll be doing is working with the current officeholder, Anthony "Stick" Romano to see county aid to Hoboken whenever and wherever possible.

Of course Ravi Bhalla would like to see her budget expertise and probing questions ejected from Hoboken and replace with a trusty Ravibot vote. You correctly point out anonymo, the loss of the good government Reform trio is bad enough as they lost a rock solid member in Peter Cunningham. The ides of March and NJ Transit's Redevelopment are yet upon us.

The idea that Councilwoman Fisher would be taking cues of any sort from Ravi's fanatical Cavedweller is absurd. People don't forget when you heap lies and ugly personal attacks on them and ridiculous attacks you are pro big development. The statewide big development endorsements and monies went to Ravi Bhalla's candidates and against both Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

Usually, the big Soprano State construction powers get their way. In this instance, enough Hoboken voters were smart enough to say no to them and yes to Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino.

Ravi is going to do what's best for himself and his statewide big construction friends. Seeing Tiffanie Fisher off the City Council would after failing to unseat her last November be a big score for all of them.

It's not happening.

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Date was confirmed but changed by the DOJ with Pupie's lawyer the week of Thanksgiving. "Everyone" did not know including one person who also covered the trial who learned yesterday, same day. You don't have to be a sore loser because Hoboken rejected your boss on Election Day. Or you can, it doesn't change the facts. Hey, look at the time, it's Bull Durham time. Enjoy the Show! 😍🀹‍β™‚οΈπŸΈπŸŽ­πŸ˜š

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The ole 'we have to pass it, so you can see what's in it' routine.
Good one. :*

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Mikie has the moves, no doubt, but his plan is to cut a path for mayor not council prez. Russo has already started that chase for the mayor's seat but council president in 2021 is not likely in the cards.

As stated months earlier, the Ravi-Russo Alliance ends with this November election and so it has come to pass. They are now unofficial rivals for mayor in 2021 even as Russo, DeFusco and Ravi Bhalla are falling over each other to rush through the NJ Transit Redevelopment to satiate the appetites of big development Soprano State powers.

Each wants the gold of special interest monies and there will be plenty of it looking to land in the Mile Square City. The gates are almost completely open with the 2011 pay-to-play ordinance under duress. Soon, as promised, Ravi will look to put it out of its misery and kill it. Once again, Russo and DeFusco will be helpful to that end so the pile of gold outside Hoboken is almost within their free-for-all grasp.

Ravi is our mayor and we should support him when he does good things like completing Washington St. and solving problems that need attending. He makes it hard breaking promises like taking a second job a month into office, needlessly declaring war on the City Council two months in and pushing his unvetted and massive Ram-It-Through NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan.

Ravi is making it hard but we have to try and get him to be reasonable for Hoboken and less supplicant to his special interest allies. It's a darn hard place Hoboken finds itself. Let's see if this town can find its voice and push back. The suck ups to the mayor's office may be the death of us all. Make a choice Hoboken, stand up now or be overrun by statewide big development special interests.

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So nice of you to recover from your non-fatal dose of hemlock dear Lydia and rejoin the ranks of the Ravibot undead!

Once again, you've brought the wretchedness of your rationalization to complain not about your boss and his special interest leadership out of the mayor's office but a co-star who got top billing with him in the headline.

Yes, top billing in the headline as a co-star is great but you may have missed Ravi Bhalla is the star of this NJ Transit Redevelopment Show. Did you already forget he bumped off Councilman Jim Doyle to promote this monstrosity of scamming only scant weeks ago at the Hoboken Planning Board?

What they didn't do a transparency special on that at the Ravibot Cave? Que c'est laid!
We are so fortunate to have you back creeping around in the dark hunting a co-star's blood.

Did you forget in the span of a single revelatory article above this action occurs against the people of Hoboken with a sweet middle finger to the public and especially the folks at the Hoboken Railyards Taskforce with zero transparency? It's the Ravi Bhalla double-fisted middle finger to the people of Hoboken for their election participation.

Congratulations Hoboken see what you've wrought buying Ravi Botchulism in 2017. Yes, you were warned then too! Now you get to pay for what Dawn Zimmer and ShadowStan have bequeathed you.

Did you get your Ravi Nixle notification in the crypt dear Lydia to come to the meeting as the NJ Transit Redevelopment? The Ravi Bhalla Special is about to blow by unscheduled. You missed the Big Development Special Interest Express!

The double-fisted middle finger to the Hoboken public originated out of the mayor's office not a competing councilman who desperately wants recognition from the same big development special interests calling the shots in the mayor's office.

It's a bit soon to whine about co-stars when the shots were called here weeks ago with the exact delineation of votes right down to the conflict-induced but thankfully recovered Emily. She recovered fast enough to help Jim Doyle resurrect this assault against the people and save the special interest payday for the boss upstairs. Quel génie!

I think you should have stuck with the Hemlock. Next time, save some for the rest of us.