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Here's an update to the story. Council members are beginning to see the light and common sense so we wait:

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Didn't see that on Sweden but I've heard they've turned the corner completely as their pandemic numbers are down to almost nothing and they've weathered it without ever instituting the massive destructive lockdowns ignorantly pushed here after months of data proves them correct.

They may have the same amount of pandemic left as Hoboken on a per capita basis. Maybe someone can do a ratio on that and offer it up. Would be interesting to compare.

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If this is true, there's going to be a big fight in Hoboken. All people of good will are not going to allow this erasure of American history in Hoboken.

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No problem, I have your ballot. I have lots, putting them out to bid. Would you like to purchase your ballot before I sell it? Welcome to the "new normal" for NJ elections. See the links in the story above with Patterson's election last month.

This will be more epidemic than the CCP virus. Enjoy!

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Dawn Zimmer sat in two council meetings packed to capacity, double the attendance last week. Her proposed reductions were limited and centered on altering the top heavy nature of the HPD. In the end, about a dozen retirements ended the matter. This is wholly different.

This is massive layoffs affecting up to 79 municipal employees. There's no comparison but Ravi Bhalla was nowhere to be seen. Don't expect that to change. People feel targeted and may have reason to believe it. If you fail to bow down, this is the result. Apparently, it's a long list.

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No compromise here on free and fair elections, either in Hoboken, Iowa or anywhere in the US. Bernie Sanders deserves the same rights as any candidate. That's where I hang my horseshoe.

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Now it's time for more election pause as the American voter considers what election interference really is.
(Hint: It's staring you right in the face.)

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Do you have similar information on dozens of people you say died in 90s and 2000s fires? How is a historian highlighting the Hoboken Fires earlier exploitation?

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It's a new scheme removing public opportunity to attend the State of the City. (Which as we all should know now is woeful with a big fat $7,000,000 deficit.)

This is quite odd and the State of the City is moving from the very large venue at Stevens to the tiny (in comparison) venue at the Mile Square Theater. Is it because Ravi Bhalla picked a ridiculous fight with our neighbors at Stevens? The Stable wholly disproves of the strongarm tactics heard being applied against the school. Why is it still happening?

There never were any controls with State of the City "tickets" issued under fomer mayor Dawn Zimmer. The public was invited and you showed up if you wanted to see it live. All were welcome but I'd imagine there are reasons based on control sough beyond the lack of incentive for Stevens to host the event as they kindly did for years.

Now you have to be approved by Ravi Bhalla's patronage staff. I bet they'll decide based on the seal standard. How ready are you to applaud like a seal to anything he says?


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You may feel that if more of the Ravi-Russo Alliance gets out, it will be a problem for Ravi Bhalla but he has his own political calculation. He is trying to keep his political "career." The revived dealmaking with Ravi and Russo is continuing and the trade will be for votes next year.

Who thought that Ravi Bhalla would bring in Anthony Russo into the mayor's office on the first day he took office as mayor?

But he did. He also tried to force Stick Romano to resign as Freeholder to install one of his patronage hires. Stick declined Ravi's "offer." So now Ravi Bhalla wants Stick Romano eliminated and nothing has changed about Michael Russo being his pick. Brian Stack is on board and that is the deal made.