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Since I'm pretty new at this "paying attention" thing (oops! -- wink!), stuff still makes my brain just lock up. For example, my mouth still falls open when people from the Left say things like, "The TEA Parties have had their way long enough! We're not going to just sit silently (?!?!?!) by any more! It's time for US to stand up and say something & stick up for ourselves -- FINALLY!" Excuse me? The Left has been marching & carrying signs for 50 years & more. The TEA Parties have been around, uh, TWO.

I forget what specific thing the eeeeevil Republicans were trying to do at the time, but I remember hearing a Democrat on TV say, "I guess when people have been in power for such a long time & then they lose it, it doesn't sit well with them," or words to that effect. OK. The Republicans had the majority in the House from 1994 to 2006, which is 12 years. Prior to that, the Dems had had the majority for over FORTY years. Is that the "new math" -- where 12 is more than 40? Duh!

Don't even get me started on the "civility" thing. Sheesh!

It's like talking to a bowling ball.

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I watched Mr. Cashill on BookTV on C-SPAN yesterday. It was GREAT! At the end, he said that was that if there is a "villain" in his book, it is not Barack Obama. Rather, it is the American media. Had the information in this book been reported in 2008 -- had the "mainstream media" done it's investigative duty -- Obama would never have been nominated, much less elected. I look forward to reading this book, as I am coming to the conclusion that the MSM bear as much, or more, responsibility for the ills of our country today as the politicians.

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I found Fox News kinda' by accident. A couple of years ago, a friend mentioned that Greta van Susteren had dyed her hair or something, & I sought out FNC just to see what she looked like. As I sampled Fox for several days, while still flipping back to the networks at 5:30 -- and getting my "real" news from the Daily Show & the Colbert Report, I thought (oops!) -- I was flabbergasted at how different the content of the shows was. No wonder nobody knows what's going on! Anyone who is still watching the networks (& I know some people who do) doesn't know ANYTHING (other than that the TEA Parties are "racist," of course -- *cough*) -- not only because the networks "spin," but because there are some stories they don't tell at ALL. I've tried to go back & watch Stewart & Colbert, but today, they make me sick.

Before I found Fox, I read an interview with Rachel Maddow in the NYT Sunday magazine. She seemed like a "regular" person -- drives a truck & whatnot -- so I tried watching her show. Know what? She's NUTS. I could never watch for more than 2 or 3 minutes. Yet, there are folks who think she is the smartest person on TV -- Rhodes scholar, if I'm not mistaken. I actually had an e-friend who thought that Keith Olbermann was the ONLY person on TV telling The Truth. (Did I mention we're doomed?)

I wouldn't be here on this site today if it weren't for FNC, as I "discovered" David Horowitz, Matthew Vadum, & a few others on the Glenn Beck show. So, I say Thank God for Fox News!

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I thought this exact same thing when I saw the signs with "RTW" in a circle with a line through it, i.e., "No Right To Work." Huh? Apparently, irony is not some people's strong suit.

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Not all that long ago (3 years or so), precisely BECAUSE the "mainstream media" was not particularly interesting or informative, I used to be one of the people who got my "news" from the Daily Show & the Colbert Report. Over the last 2 years, thanks to outlets like NRB, I am much better educated. Once I began to be enlightened, I noticed that when I would try to watch Stewart or Colbert, I would start to feel kinda' sick to my stomach. Sadly, I came late to what I jokingly call my "news hobby," but at least I finally got here!

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Palin alone has more EXECUTIVE experience than Obama and Biden COMBINED.

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Do any of these negative commenters even know who Evan Sayet IS? Good Grief. Oh, well . . . I say FrontPageMag must have hit the big time to have so many trolls! I've never seen so many in all the time I've been coming here! Woo-hoo!!!

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Maybe Mr. Hall is perturbed because he didn't get any of the $87.5M that AFSCME gave to the Democrats during the mid-terms. Or maybe he did, but it didn't help. Just sayin'.

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I know NOW about Ron Paul's tea parties; however, at the time of the Rick Santelli rant, I didn't. I don't know whether Mr. Santelli knew about the Ron Paul tea parties or not. All I know is, Rick Santelli said "tea party" in Feburary 2009, it was on TV, & by Tax Day 2009, people all over the country were gathering in huge numbers, a phenomenon which was covered (mostly negatively) in every news medium. I don't recall seeing Mr. Paul's tea parties on TV, or anywhere else. Like I said, I never heard of them until AFTER I had been to some TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying anything bad about Ron Paul. I'm saying that I was one of the "individuals erstwhile unengaged in the political process" mentioned in the above article. I only developed what I call my "news hobby" in September 2008, when the economy went in the toilet. Frankly, I blame LESS the politicians than the Mainstream Media for the situation we're in. They have purposefully kept us uninformed or misinformed, which I never knew before.

Regardless of who owns the "copyright" to the Tea Party label, I'm just glad we're here. I'm grateful to know I'm not alone. I am grateful for this article, because I am sick of being called an ignorant, uneducated, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, islamophobic teabagger, both in public and in private, by people I know & by people I don't know, because I, for one, am NONE of those things, & neither is anyone I've met in the Tea Party Movement. Thank you, FrontPage, for the pat on the back! :)

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"American conservatives who read online sources tend to know things about Obama’s radical political past that the broader public has never heard.” This is the thing I always forget . . . that there are people who have NEVER heard this stuff. They don't even know that they don't know . . . y'know? Unfortunately, the people I know personally are also unwilling to learn. Everyone is entitled to their own "opinion," as one friend recently told me. *sigh*