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Any uninformed adult taking their kids to see and buy this animated eco-porn may be regretting themselves for inadvertently creating future eco-terrorists, thanks to Hollywood and hardcore environmentalists.

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Dan Savage is a disgusting walking-talking toilet who will accept anything crappy down in him and regurgitate them as "values".

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I am saddened by his untimely death. May he rests in peace. He will be missed.

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Considering Thomas Hobbes' political opus, "Leviathan", Hobbes is correct to suggest that anyone can dismiss or reject one's supposed claims to receiving divine or supernatural revelations if no one else have received similar divine/supernatural revelations from a certain Source in the past OR without a witness or more to back up that person's claims. Hobbes said this:

When God speaketh to man, it must be either immediately or by mediation of another man, to whom He had formerly spoken by Himself immediately. How God speaketh to a man immediately may be understood by those well enough to whom He hath so spoken; but how the same should be understood by another is hard, if not impossible, to know. For if a man pretend to me that God hath spoken to him supernaturally, and immediately, and I make doubt of it, I cannot easily perceive what argument he can produce to oblige me to believe it.

Source: Leviathan

This Hobbesian reasoning can be applied to all monotheist religions and political-religious-cultural creed systems (like Islam). My research of the history of Arabia before and during Mohammed's time shown that there is no evidence to support Mohammed's claims to receiving divine revelations from "God" because there was no witness presenting with Mohammed to back him up or there was no one before Mohammed receiving similar revelations in the past. Most of Mohammed's peers and followers were illiterate, and Christian Arabs, pagan Arabs and Jews were right to doubt him and rejected his claims. But Mohammed and his "faithful" cohort followed up with violence, terror and murderous spree against them.

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Obama is going to throw that poor American solider under the bus full of Koranimals just to quiet them down. This is a disgrace. Enough of apologizing!

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Because of Tom Hanks' association with the great Jimmy Stewart in the late 1980s, his Hollywood publicists went into overdrive in promoting Hanks' appeal to generations who grew up watching Stewart's movies and made Hanks the new Jimmy Stewart in the public eyes ever since. There's a famous photograph from Life magazine showing Hanks walking and talking with Stewart.

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Boycott these people. Don't pay and watch them in new movies or televisions at all!

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Hope and change or fear the fro!


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This is what happened when you elected liberal progressives into the government, they became fascists just to stay on power, threatening anti-free speech and gun control measures, promoting abortion, gay marriage, anti-Christian education, and turn citizens into obedient slaves of the government. Resist by vocally and actively opposing the liberal progressives in power, you become a potential domestic terrorist in their eyes.

Stop electing and enabling liberal progressives anywhere! Canadians gave themselves to their own liberal progressive ilk.

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I have told you all that GLAAD is full of thin-skinned fascists who would gladly burn the First Amendment for good and implement thought control measures on all citizens. Kick GLAAD out of the USA.