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I don't have a problem with it just as long as the she males don't post on there any more.

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All the black males I see wear over sized white t shirts. I wonder if the victim was mistaken on if they were black or mexican?

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It's not like the Amish are going to find out about some one commenting on KCRG about buggy regulations. They don't even watch this sorry news Chanel let alone any Channel.

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If only she was still alive. I would do any thing to get her back.

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If they could clean up East Dubuque that would be a real miracle. For three years my daughter "danced" over there and it ruined me and my family's life. Dope, booze and low life's are every where there. She stole my wife's check book her credit cards and a couple of my guns. Next thing you know she's knocked up and in rehab. Come on people and start worrying about the real rif raff in that run down town.

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Sounds like he was at his wits end with this woman. A man with nothing has nothing to lose.

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Let the sin begin.

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Well when you have 6 brats running around I'm sure it's hard to keep a place clean.

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My wife is constantly taking in these flee bag $h1t rats. About a month ago I found that one these strays had four kittens in my shed on the seat of my garden tractor.

My brother in law said they would make great catfish bait. It worked wonderful! The biggest of the flat heads I caught was 46 lbs. Thanks to these kittens I have deep freeze full of fillets. The best part is that my wife never found out they were gone.

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Just another excuse for these Catholics to get drunk.