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I've nodded in agreement with so much of this (both the post and the comments) that my head is about to snap off my neck.

I have a friend I've known since jr high (whom I'm currently trying to "break up" with - a whole other story) who started her own private FB group that revolved around her diet. She invited a select group of girlfriends to join in order to monitor her progress and keep her on track. I shit you not.

The problem with Facebook is that it's taken grounded people and turned them into narcissists, and turned already-narcissists into monsters.

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Not that spread out? At 467 sq miles?

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I live in LA and love my car, but Tuna's right - we do have some great options here. I've used the Rapid but to go from the Westside (where I live) to Mid-Wilshire and it's SO easy. I also take the Blue Bus to the Promenade to avoid paying to park. Looove the Blue Bus. And the MTA web site is a dream; they're great about telling you which corner and what time each bus will show up, where to transfer, how much your route will cost, etc.

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Speaking of pork, did anyone happen to catch Battle Prosciutto on Iron Chef America recently? Spike Mendelsohn got his ass handed to him by Michael Symon. It was almost as beautiful as the dishes themselves.

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If someone had told me that all I had to do to lose weight was move, I would have done it ages ago. Seriously, I'm down a size and a half.

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[youtube jR4tTQVjHUI youtube]

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This might or might not mean anything to most of you, but Seth Abramovitch is writing for Gawker again.


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That’s Richard being Richard. I used to work for one of his agents and he’s always been like this: haphazard, stream-of-consciousness thinking. I wish I could show you some of the emails we’d get: lowercase, barely any punctuation, no paragraphs, frustrating and hard to follow. But he’s been very committed to his sobriety since the 90s and has helped out a lot of addicts. He’s actually a wonderful guy and incredibly generous, but yeah, he’s nuts. As crazy as he’s played in his act and in roles on TV and movies, he’s 10x crazier in real life and a good example that there’s such a thing as too MUCH therapy. But he’s all heart.

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I vote for UNTP, because that's basically what it is now: illiterates that should be commenting on Yahoo news articles.

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I miss the days in the early aughts when Craigslist was still on the DL and only cute computer geeks knew about it. As a single, straight gal who goes for the bookish type, I cleaned UP in the dating department!