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This is pretty good. Like that guitar.

Thanks for the new system, Seth. I'm liking it so far.

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You should go check out that song below!
Or else I'll cover the blog in Trixie for the next week!

Don't worry Seth, I listened to the song and even gave Silver note a Subscribe.
However, you make more Trixie sound like a punishment...
When it should be a reward.

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Eh, maybe. However, making another set of traditional versions for the songs would nearly double the cost. This would be detrimental to Hasbro, as I'm sure that few people would buy both versions, and even the few Christians that would be appeased would be statistically insignificant.
I don't think Hasbro has any interest in appealing to Christians in the first place, though. Hasbro is simply not a Christian company, and they have no obligation to act like they are; same thing with the Starbucks cup "scandal." In addition, the amount of believers in this fandom is just too small to make them do a traditional version, especially when doing so may turn away more customers then they gained and could break their PC image.
Furthermore, I don't know if the voice-actors would agree to doing a Christ-centered version. I know for a fact that Tara Strong is Jewish, and am pretty sure that the others are pretty secularized.
Again, I agree with you that that such a situation would be nice, but I don't think that it would ever practically happen. :(

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I agree. However, I suppose it is probably inevitable, being "pony" versions sung by canon characters. It's already a little canon-bending to have them sing about Christmas when they already have an established holiday; how much more would be putting Jesus into the mix?
Nonetheless, I still agree with you. Let's be friends.

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Done and done!
I look forward to seeing what conclusions they draw from this study!

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Ah yes.
I absolutely loved the S4 version of this.
Can't wait to see what marshmallowok has up its sleeves for this round!

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Eh. Being President is overrated. Personally, I would hate having the job. I'm usually bad at organization and have mild communication issues. In addition, being a U.S. President as of late generally means that you will be hated by about 50% of the population. I'm also pretty politically abd morally conservative as far as things go, so I would most likely be too unpopular to be elected. Not to mention that I'm much too young and I don't think many people would be for a pony President.

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Being nervous is understandable. However, becoming a pony wouldn't be quite like "coming out" in other ways. It's a very obvious sudden magical transformation of your physical body, not a inner thing that you could keep to yourself. Plus, you couldn't hide it forever, especially in this day and age of technological communication and the government keeping tabs on everyone. You'd have to reveal yourself sometime, so I would do it sooner rather than latter, after I have obtained my lawyer and rights, of course.
Plus, going public wouldn't be as bad if you are prepared/protected and if it brings you massive gains.

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Sorry, haven't seen Ted. I just came up with this on my own.

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I think that I would be a unicorn and actually go public with this. However, I would do nothing without first hiring a lawyer- a really good one. That way, I could legally prove myself as being a sentient creature having all the rights of a human, saving me from cruel experimentation. Then, I would ride off the initial media attention to gain tons of popularity and money, with which I could get necessities, like an army of bodyguards to protect me from anyone with bad intentions. Finally, I would start my own private company, that would research (in humane ways) the properties of the inherent magic I possess and the nature of my transportation, patenting all of my discoveries (again, with the skilled lawyer) so that nobody could use this knowledge for evil. This research would help me learn more about magic and its applications, and I could search for the cause and potentially the gateway to Equestria. Through my company, I could also openly search for others that may have undergone the same transformation and offer them protection in exchange for their research help.
That's my plan so far. I try to have a good plan for everything. Let me know if any of y'all have any suggestions along these lines.