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Doesn't seem like they have any pictures of building 7 coming down due to some furniture burning in an office or two. I wonder why. Hmmmm.

Oh well, I'm sure there is a good reason.

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This doesn't sound like a huge furniture business, hiring separate people to manage a/p and a/r may not be feasible for them. While it may not be a good idea to have one person responsible both a/r and a/p it doesn't "always" lead to situations like this.

Now put somebody in charge of Purchasing and Receiving at the same time, that will lead to some big trouble. Especially if they can write/adjust Purchase Orders. Now there's a prescription for trouble.

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used to be people with a sub 85 IQ were considered retarded and not allowed to fully enter into civilized society without supervision. mayhaps we should return to those days. i'd sure vote for that.

These "people" need to be protected from themselves.


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The are! Haven't you heard. And they keep getting whiter with every crime they become a victim too. It's true I've seen the stats.

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Yeah it does seem to kinda suck for them don't it? But I'm mostly concerned about white people here, I'll let the minorities worry about themselves, because I don't see them as children who need adult (white) supervision at every step, I see them as being perfectly able to take care of themselves within their own society without "whitey's" involvement.

You insult them by even suggesting they have to be "friends" with white people in order to become better people. I would never think such a thing.

I bet you do though, don't you? You see a "minority" and you just have to say "hello" and be nice because you believe they are better off psychologically for having received your "greeting".

And you think I have a screwy mentality. Good luck with your diversity and stuff, And always remember white peeps Datsuyama says: "Make a minority smile and associate with them. They love it when whites treat them like over emotional children."

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Well...I'll tell ya....you go and do the exact opposite of what I said, while I do just what I said and we will see who'll be the first victim of a gun crime, rape, etc..at the hands of a "minority" thug. Tay?

winner gets a lollipop...on your mark....set...GO!

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You do realize snopes is a joke right?

Its a mom and pop thing they run out of their home and pretend to be authoritative without doing any actual leg work other then a google search here and there.

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No i don't have to believe in your straw man. I fully believe our government in concert with the
Israeli Mossad planned and orchestrated the entire event.

I call BS on your supposed physics, these buildings are designed with this very scenario in mind. And no steel framed building has ever collapsed completely within its own footprint because of fire within the building. (See Madrid steel frame building that burned for over a day and did not collapse.)

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9/11 was an inside job. Anyone with an ounce of reasoning skills and eyes in their head should be able to see that.

Really, who is naive enough to believe a skyscraper will crumble a nearly free fall speeds because a "plane" crashed into it.

(Just remember: When dealing with the government, the cake is always a lie! )

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Well put.

That way the anti-racist crowd can't jump on you for stating the obvious fact that there is a high probability that it was a minority who did this. And considering they only describe him as a "heavy set man" we can rest assured KOMO is hiding information they determine unimportant for anyone but "whites".