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Well the border patrol agents probably ate all six eggs along with the toys inside of them

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I thought he was driving a 2002 Suburban, according to the article.
Also, nice stereotyping

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Just wondering what a "caucasion" might be

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I have nothing to hide

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is he even old enough to drive?

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6? That's it?

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Well the world sometimes evolving in the wrong direction. If I lose out on a job simply because the recruiter wants to see my Facebook page and I don't have one, this whole social media infatuation craziness is heading into some uncharted waters.
I even seriously object basing my hiring process on my credit score.
Now I realize people believe credit score is good indication of character and trustworthiness however there are numerous cases where it couldn't be further from he truth.
In this modern digital world it only takes 10 minutes for someone to completely ruin my credit via ID theft yet it takes months if not years to repair the damage. That is not fair and a clear indication that something is very wrong with the entire picture.

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Funny thing is that more and more people getting unplugged hence your Google search will be pretty vague. You can search me all day and you will get nothing useful.
That's not saying I don't shop, pay bills on the internet. However I stay away from outfits that sell or used to sell your personal data to third party data miners. I don't facebook, I don't twitter, no social media means your Google search will find nothing useful
You can bet your butt you deny me a job position solely because your Google search failed and you're looking at the nice public nightmarish lawsuit .
I know for a fact that people lived, socialized and got employed in the pre-Google days and I'm, not that old either.

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Yeah because prospective employers going to browse through millions on webpages looking for a name associated with a crime as opposed to running a criminal background check.
Are you serious?

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That was one of the two Google creations I regularly use, the other being gmail of course.
Seems like they getting rid of the few things actually worth using