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You know what would have made this article even more awesome? If you could have worked derivations of the word 'shit' into it a few more times.

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Didn't he spend most of his time making fun of Republicans? And then he was torn apart by the left. I'd hope he'd learn something from that, if leftists ever learned anything.

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Not entirely sure what to think of this type of thing. These people largely take these jobs thinking of themselves as immune celebrities who can run around the battlefield and not be injured because they're not locals. It's tragic when they die, as when anyone dies, but it also points up how ridiculous it is to be on the battlefield.

I don't believe we get anything of great value from such journalists running around dodging bullets and screaming over tank shells, anymore than we get something of value from journalists standing in the wind and rain during hurricanes.

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I feel bad, because I _hated_ Chase, and that has influenced my acceptance of this guy as an actor. But he was good in The Pacific.

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That's supposed to be funny?

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The thing is, I agree with him and Hitchens. Most comic scouts agree with the viewpoint. They just can't say it.

If you've ever watched something like "Last Comic Standing" (terrible show, but bear with me) you know two things comic scouts hate: mixed people making dumb "I'm half X and half Y, so I Z!" jokes ... and women complaining about their boyfriends.

Yes, there have been funny female comedians. But they are very, very few and far between.

And the Apatow thing really just proves the point: if you find Apatow's movies funny, which I don't, you find women ACTING LIKE MEN funny.

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I don't get all the Apollo 18 hate. For me, it was the best found-footage movie as far as being mostly believable (except for the terrible ending, the way it was filmed and the non-pandering dialog were amazing). Cloverfield is a close second but it's a bit too schlocky.

The rest are just ... meh. Blair Witch was the original disappointment, Paranormal Activity was kind of fun once (and never needed a sequel) and I don't have the requisite belief structure to enjoy a 'posession' story :-P

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I have to say I find it greatly disappointing that anyone would say Donna Reed "wasn't a strong lead", and shocking that Stewart would pin the movie's failure on her. Maybe I'm biased because as a kid I had the biggest crush on Reed, but she was great in IAWL. Her character was strong and supportive and key to several scenes. Look to how she offers up their money in the building and loan, or takes the initiative to start wiring people when she knows George is in trouble. And as for acting, the scene where Stewart is knocking things over and screaming, where she just looks at him, always strikes me as very effective.

Stewart and Reed were both critical to this movie.

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When people describe O'Reilly like that, it just reinforces my opinion that left-wingers form their opinions of anyone with whom they disagree entirely from left-wing narratives.

Have you ever watched Bill O'Reilly? I'm not a fan, but I'm not a fan because he's nothing like people claim. He is too 'reasonable', too 'nice'. He may have started out yelling and screaming, but now he is almost mouse-like, particularly when he has some left-wing nutjob on his show. Jon Stewart screams and acts like a jerk more than O'Reilly does, because O'Reilly realized that 'softening' was the best way to stay on the air, while Stewart realized yelling was the best way for him to keep his fan base of constant, purposeless outrage.