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Andrew showed the way. Someone must take his place. It will be much easier than what Andrew had to do. Surely, someone can simply stand up and pick up where he left off? You'll never replace him, but someone will need to carry on his work.

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The founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream just seeded a fund for the occupiers. They hope to start a revenue stream to keep the occupiers active and to have core protesters on salary. It will be their full-time job to be anarchists. Google "Ben & Jerry supports occupiers."

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This is ridiculous. Response to 9-11: "bomb Afghanistan immediately," yet Eric bemoans the citizens killed by bombers in Iraq? What about the Kurds in the north? This guy doesn't rate attention from anyone. The right gives him a platform for what? Why? He's an idiot. I could care less that he's finally figured out Islam is dangerous. That just proves he's slow, nothing more. Move along, nothing to see here.

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Sorry Jeb. You're a Bush. Nothing for any of you Bush's ever again. You may be great, but I've already seen your brother an Dad screw up. No thanks. Please just go away.

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I didn't listen (rarely do) but if I was Graham, I would have said, "No, I'm not a republican, I'm a Christian. If the republicans follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, then good for them."

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Thanks. This is the drastically shortened version due to length restraints on Breitbart. I wrote an opus but had to chop it up. Didn't feel like posting 3 or 4 different times on the same subject.

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We're talking about someone from Hollywood. You are mentally retarded. I'm making a judgement and it is an insult. Feel free to fill the prescription as directed and let us know just before the lights go out so we can celebrate.

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Why do Republican candidates even give these miscreants the time of day?

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Seems like these Hollywooders don't have any trouble finding any other drug, illegal or otherwise, that they want. I imagine he could've just asked his doctor for a Rx of Ambien or some such. A bottle of that and a bottle of the finest scotch on earth (on credit of course), should've done the trick. Don't need sanctioned euthanasia unless you're planning on using it on your enemies.

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Jim says he hates his neighbor Tom and his whole family and always has. One day, Jim tells everyone who will listen that as soon as he can afford it, he's going to buy a big gun, build a shooting table, and kill as many people in Tom's family as he can. Also, everyone in town knows that Jim thinks shooting people you don't like is a good thing to do and will make heaven much nicer.

Tom knows Jim hates him and has warned Jim that he will not let him get a big gun because of his threats. Tom has seen Jim working on the shooting table next to his property and worries what to do. Some people in town have warned Tom to leave Jim and his table alone. They think Jim is just kidding and that he's nothing like his cousins who routinely blow up people they don't like.

Meanwhile, Ron walks through the neighborhood, thinks real hard, and determines his uncle, Big Sam across town is the problem. He's a known bully, sticking his nose into everyone's business. If Big Sam would just stay out of Jim's neighborhood, Tom would not need to worry. Life is simple for Ron.