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If you think inflation is bad now, wait until we get a one-world currency and gold goes to $5,000 an ounce.

This can only benefit the banking industry at the sole risk and expense of everyone else on the planet.

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Liberals suffer from the reality that they are actually inferior human-beings because of their lack of constitution and the absence of a moral compass. They all know they are inferior - they are children of a lesser god. They carry this around with them 24/7 wherever they go. It is the monkey on their back. They try to placate the monkey by using alcohol, drugs and even food to assuage their guilt about their shortcomings and the fact that everywhere they go someone else has to pay their way, make room for them, create a special dispensation or otherwise change the rules of the road so these people can act like they are as good as anyone else. It is when these measures fail that the bile begins to rise and the insufficient self image becomes so unmanageable that they lash out at people who are in fact really suffering from a debilitating ailment or accident of birth who are disabled. You see, those people who are suffering an actual shortcoming stand as a stark reminder to the liberal of who is really entitled to a special dispensation and it is that reminder that shames the liberal animal and reminds it that it is actually not entitled to anything and that everyone knows they are inferior beings. This cannot be allowed to stand because actual head-to-head comparisons between the handicapped person and the liberal will always create the situation where the liberal comes off as second best. This is why liberals always act with condescension towards the handicapped and will lash out at them because; by diminishing the handicapped in the minds of others, they can stand more favorably when the inevitable comparison comes about.

That my friends is my analysis and I base it on the fact of how liberals have acted towards my handicapped son for the past 27 years.

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Actually the marginal rate has been around 19% of GDP and in every case where this rate has been exceeded a recession was induced in the economy that lasted until the marginal rate fell below 19% of GDP. We cannot grow our way out of the national debt and we cannot tax our way out of it. We have to go a different route to get there...

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The Fair Tax sounds good, but it labors under the same structural shortcoming that plagues our current system. It may well be out of the frying pan and into the fire. The best one can say about the Fair Tax is that we will feel better about becoming the next Greece or Portugal or Ireland...

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I'll second that. Pussy also comes to mind. Feckless pussy as a matter of fact.

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I like this version better. It seems to have more specificity... LOL!

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She has the right. She won't win - save by some form of electoral fraud - but our system of elections is based upon transparency and the recount will put a dagger through the heart of her candidacy and the unions and media outlets who swore they would deliver the result only to find that people have a remarkable ability to think for themselves once they are presented with the facts and a clear choice between liberal promises and conservative realities.

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This will have a dramatic impact on GDP as the government cannot ignore the impact of Rational Choice Theory in favor of expedients that favor their supporters. If this is allowed to stand the recession will only get deeper as the inefficiencies this ruling will introduce into the private-sector economy will be magnified at all levels.

If I were seeking to actively destroy the economy of this country, I could hardly pick a set of rules and decisions that would have a more detrimental impact upon the economy than those enacted by Mr. Obama. The goal here has to be to magnify the political opportunity this record creates and use it to destroy the political future of Mr. Obama. Everything else is just window-dressing.

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These plans sound good, but they always put in a measure of flexibility for the sake of so-called "emergencies". Once this loophole is in place, more and more spending goes down as "emergency spending" and the result is a law that has no teeth - just like all the other balanced budget amendments and related plans.

The important point here is to bear in mind that, in a democracy, fiscal spending (i.e.: spending by all units of government combined) is a relatively unlimited activity, because; the people making the spending decisions are making those decisions based upon spending everyone else's money, so there is no real impetus to reduce spending. The structure of the institutions and the method of obtaining money for government to spend are to blame and it is there that we must seek our solace. Simply using the same tools in the same way will continue to generate the same outcomes.

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I believe the correct terminology here is "dickweed". Use of the "dickwheat" is more parochial and therefore may be considered a term of endearment while the more pungent "dickweed" suggests a surfeit of bile and derision to which the victim is to be held accountable.

Yes, I'm going to go take my meds right now! LOL!