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March 04, 2012
Gingrich Scolds NBC's Gregory for Making Limbaugh 'The Great National Crisis of This Week'

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Fluke is no more of a fluke than was George Stephanopoulos badgering questioning of Romney on the non-issue of contraceptives during a debate.

The Rs are scary dumb.

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The media doesn't cover any assumption, truth or fact that is not already predisposed to the idea that America is the problem..

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I hope Andrew will approve of the new Bigs-digs, better yet, I hope it was his idea.

The fight continues, the war rages on and we are much better armed and equipped, much Thanks to Andrew Brietbart and these Big sites..

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I too will stand with's hoping that the candidate does to.

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He will be sorely missed, no one can replace Andrew! So very sad.

God Bless a true American hero!

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I meant loser, but I don't always spell what I mean to say. I get a lot of sympathy votes.

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Why would Romney get any position? Are you assuming that he will have the largest percentage of the delegates?

I have major doubts that will be the case.

Even if Romney ends up with the higher percentage, that will not erase the fact that he is a two time looser. He already lost to McCain, a looser himself.

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Great news! Not that I believe a word of it.

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The left's very existence depends on the uninformed masses, if the leftards actually checked facts they would be conservatives.