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I was looking this weekend for a Gen 3 Glock 19. I wasn't to keen on the new Glock price so I was looking for a used example. I had zero luck on any 9mm Glock. All I could find was 40S&W and there were hundreds of examples.

I ended up finding a Gen3 for MSRP ($100 MORE than the Gen 4 at the other store.)

I think I'll stick with the weird guns I find for great deals than anything name brand.

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I took my PF-9 to the range last Tuesday to try out a new brand of 115gn +p hollow-points. I guess the light weight plus the extra kick was making it hell for me to hold. I had stovepipes and double feeds every mag. It had no problem with the 100 or so rounds of Wolf.

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Pumpkin Pie was covered in the glock carving video.

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I got into shooting sports in November '08. There was no real reason at the time, just another hobby. Being at the beginning of the "buy everything" craze, I didn't know $20 a box of 50 was relatively expensive for 9mm as I had no prior knowledge of ammo prices.

I mention that because I have seen Russian 9mm for $7.99 a box of 50.

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Alabama is a "may issue" state. Although, nearly all the county Sheriffs will issue a permit if you pass the requirements. Effectively making it a "shall issue" state.


I've gone over that site for the last few minutes and it makes my head hurt. The "export" bar seems to always be higher when the state doesn't have any of the "required laws". I really don't think there is a truthful bit of information to be found.

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What is wrong with a bunker?

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$7,000,000 / 11000 guns = $636.36 each. If that is AU Dollars then that makes... $633 US Dollars. Damn, I thought there was a greater difference in currency.

Otherwise good choice. I like my M&P 9 and 9c.

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I don't think most people know you can sell a firearm privately without going through a FFL.

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I'm glad someone dislikes that agency as much as I do.

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I ordered a Vz82 earlier this week and received it yesterday. I noticed I hadn't purchased a gun in three months...