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...and my favorite female speaker of the house is...and my favorite senate majority leader from Nevada is...and my favorite FCC diversity czar is...and my favorite former green jobs czar is...and my favorite manufacturing czar is...and my favorite science czar is...See, it's a joke! Har Har Har!

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This is the problem with the "safety net" of social programs (Social-ism) When an undesirable job is the only job, people will "hold out", instead of doing what it takes...We have a hog plant where I live, and some people are so proud that they would rather rot on their living room couch than suck it up and do something productive. The outcome of this attitude is the huge influx of immigrants working their butts off, and an entire city complaining that "there aren't any jobs". Gee...Wonder why all the jobs keep going over seas... Suck it up America, many of us (myself included) have all had to work crappy jobs in order to provide, no one OWES you anything. Ever hear the phrase "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" Well here lately it's more like "when the going get's tough, we extend jobless benefits". You can equate any kind of job to slavery, but you will miss the point that you can always walk away. Grow up, or move out. It's time for America to re-learn a little thing called "work ethic" and stop making excuses.

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This might not be the popular thing to say, and I'm sure some people will do whatever they want (which is fine) but please for goodness sake don't go to the tea parties dressed like Uncle Sam!...Let's show some class at these things. It used to be considered disrespectfull to wear the stars and stripes. Don't tape tea bags to your hat, or dress up like a giant tea pot. If we want to be taken seriously, we need to treat our movement as such. We can show our national pride in ways that don't make us look like circus clowns. Like I said, do what you are comfortable with, but understand that your picture in a paper may end up representing all of us at these rallies.

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Oh what a crying shame...I'm sure Obama has some cushy job for him as his Mop Czar or the Center for American Progress will have him partner up with Van Jones to play hop scotch!

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The people of Poland have suffered much and yet their resolve for Liberty continues to stand tall. Perhaps this only goes to show that those who have the most to lose have the most to fight for. Prayers for the families and citizens most affected by this disaster. Thank you Poland, for your friendship.

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Keep paying those union dues SEIU....For every hundred dollars you pay, you might see a one dollar return...that's social-ist economics 101...an investment is when you spend a lot of time and money to steal someone else property and give it to your leaders. Your leaders will then drop you bread crusts and fat, and tell you that utopia is right around the bend, they just need a bit more of your freedom and you will all live as kings...keep drinking the koolaid! Pay those dues, Andy Stern is counting on you.

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The scars of war run deep. Let us remember the cost of a divided nation and work to ensure that this will never happen again. If we can forget the parties and come together under the banner of common principles and values, we can unite this nation and stand against the enemies of freedom.

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Just think about how much of our prison system is wasted on people who smoke dope...People will do what people want to do, the only thing prohibition did was turn good people into criminals,while at the same time lined the pockets of the real criminals. On another note...I made a 5 gallon batch of beer this weekend...Wish I could share it with all of you! Cheers patriots!

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It is easy to want to react to these lies with hostility, but we have to understand what ends the left seeks from us. They want to dimminish us, make us into freaks, haters and biggots. They want people to think we are dangerous and will crack at any moment. They want the American people to accept their lies for truth, but that will not happen as long as we stand together. We know the truth. We know what America is, and what America should be and most importantly why. We know that it was PRINCIPLES not partys that made our nation great. We must hold to the truth, and speak without fear, and know that where the light shines the greatest, the shadows grow the sharpest. A sacrifice must be made for the sins of our fathers, the same sacrifice made by our forefathers. We will pay for the renewal of America and the future of our children with our Lives, or Fortunes and our Sacred Honor. If they want to bash our faces in, let them do so, but if we continue to hold to the truth, America will see who the real monsters are, and we will win. We have been chosen to be in this place, at this time to do this task. Have comfort in knowing that MILLIONS of other AMERICANS are here to stand with us.

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There will be no apology. The truth is irrelevant to those who belive that the ends justify the means. They wanted the perspective to change from being bullies to victims. Notice how the heat temporarily changed from the Health care bill, to raceism...Raceism will always be used as long as it works, and I think it is working less and less lately. We must continue to keep our emotions in check and use our minds to combat the lies and distortions that seek to divide us. The Tea Party has helped unite a large portion of this country, do not allow the left to divide us. Expose the truth,and stand together, but expect no apologies. IMHO we should continue to expose this lie until they (the media) get sick of hearing about it.