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Many of us surrounded the priest and his compatriots who were arrested holding up cell phone and iPod videocameras to document the event. The people arrested were senior citizens and not violent. Their actions of tearing up the bill in Pelosi's office is the only action short of violence that could get her attention. There was no disorderly conduct--all they did was litter, which frankly was an improvement to Pelosi's office.

The authorities brought an ambulance to take away the priest and a young congressional aide spoke with the ambulance attendees then turned to the crowd documenting the event to tell us that the priest was not arrested, only being taken to the hospital because he fainted. I spoke with an attending police officer after the ambulance left, and he said the priest was definitely arrested--the congressional aide lied to us.

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The only idea that encompasses all that we need to do is the 10th amendment movement. The last straw for me was the Supreme Court's proclamation that the children of illegal aliens have the right to public education! The Supreme Court has once again overstepped its bounds. Education is a program that belongs solely to the states. Mark Levin's new book points out that the founders designed the Constitution to allow the several states to have various laws so that we are all able to live with each other. If the federal government makes the laws homogenous, you have nowhere to run if you disagree or find a law unethical (Roe v Wade)--thus the tremendous division and animosity that we see today.

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Many groups have already formed on meetup.com. We all got together to watch Glenn the night he announced the project and many groups have continued to meet. My state has a number of groups meeting regularly, as do most of the states. We are contacting other groups for a joint meeting in the near future. We have been narrowing down our priorities. Organizing at the local level is the only way anything will happen.

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Now, why would you ever say that to a 15-year-old? Have you no decency?

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Well, the President was aware of the Tea Party in Lafayette Park as once we were allowed back in (after the robot investigated the box of tea that was thrown over the white House fence--probably Daily Kos people as it happened exactly at the same time as a anti-protester made a huge ruckus in the crowd so that organizers had to call police and all eyes were focused on the diversion). Organizers were told by the secret service not to go into the quadrant of Lafayette Park that could be seen from the Rose Garden! We clearly were an inconvenient backdrop to whatever was happening there!

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Wow! Mr. Rockin, that was condescending! It's fantastic that a young man like Josh skipped something that was personally very important to him to join a bigger cause! How many kids would ever do that! I applaud him. We need more young people like him. You can be the heart and soul of the "conservative movement" all you want, but you can't do any of the things we want by yourselves. We need everyone who is like-minded on the fiscal issues to ban together. The liberal and conservative labels just divide us.

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I agree with you Josh(?). I'm old enough and sweet enough that I felt I was able to set the record straight (no pun intended) with some of the attendees across from the White House. It is not about Obama. TARP funds were proposed by the Bush administration. The porkulus bill passed because of 3 Republicans. I'd like to start adopting Glen's language of extreme fascist government on one end of the spectrum with anarchy on the other end. Both liberals and conservatives can be fascists. (Your point about gay bashing is a good case in point. ) This movement cannot be about social issues. If it is, it will die. We had a wonderful fiscally responsible Democrat speak at the White House rally and I applauded him loudly. This movement will work only if we attract like-minded Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents.

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Keep in touch as many here will probably support you no matter what party. That is the point of this movement to find all the like-minded fiscal conservatives in the various parties and bring them together. We may ask you to sign a pledge that outlines what you promise to do or not do.

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Leadership is emerging at the local level. The parties have failed because they are top down. This organization must be bottom up.