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He already has. Romney is his father, just as Obama is, and once in power will not have to run to a foreign state to get his way. There is intrigue in Romney already showing over amnesty, the continuing amnesty for all who sneak into our nation no matter where from or why.

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Government is not going to give up anything by mistake. Neither should the people who are under pressure to give it an excuse to squash them with their power. One man is not the problem here, it's the apathy toward despotism that needs changing. We either do this by law or we do it by attrition just like it has been done for thousands of years. The whole scenario is covered in the Federalist papers. If you are decided that your country is more important than watching it be stolen then join a group that can use what expertise you have to offer her.

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I think there is a pile of manure needing to be tilled into our soil. I also think that the owners of the land don't care for the tenants who've piled it so high that it's become a long term health hazard for everyone.

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Yes he was. Unfortunately for him the media already had control over enough of the public that congress threw him under the bus for career cash. Same will happen again unless there is a substantial fertilizing of the liberty tree.

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Apparently he hasn't been keeping up with his party. Even the CPUSA knows Obama is not a socialist but in their words he is a member of the far right. Read it yourself. http://mltoday.com/subject-areas/opportunism-refo...

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Put a muzzle brake on it and you might have a nice package.

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How is it even possible to instruct children to hate in this country? Teachers that even attempt that should be arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If said child commits a crime then the charge should be upped to conspiracy as well as the act committed. The nerve of some folk is unmitigated by common sense or the history they ought to know well, the defense of this nation will take precedent over their opinions.

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You can think it but just not say it. Just prepare to act when your nation calls out .

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Our government has stabbed us in the back. Every day they twist the knife and pretend they are trying to save us. They're all pitiful excuses for human beings.

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I live in NY where contacting your senator is like taunting the lions at the zoo. I fully expect the police state to begin shutting down dissent before November. With the treason being long in the tooth here it's common to find people just waiting for the one voting machine that works to be brought out of mothballs.