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Progressive is as Progressive does. The result is the same whether there is a D or R after the idiot's name!

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This POSPOTUS is consistently inflicting carnage on US in any and every way he can, yet CONgress sits idly by and allows it to continue. In ZERO's own words: "We can't wait", we need to adopt the same position. Waiting until November just gives him over 11 more months to continue his war against everything American. CONgress needs to step up and act now, before it is too late to change course.

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It's been said that we are five years behind Europe's collapse. Ironically, if ZERO is relected, he will have 5 years from now to totally collapse US. As much carnage as he has inflicted in less than 3 years, he should finish with a lot of time to spare. Why are God-fearing patriots allowing this destruction to continue??? When it is obvious that it's time to stand and confront this evil, we will not be able to.

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Not only do public sector unions and big government destroy jobs for young people, their unholy union is damn near destroying US.

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The language that was initially in the bill that excluded US citizens was removed at Obama's request. This law gives the President (regardless of who that may be) absolutely too much power over our individual liberty and due process under the law. This is an "in your face" assault on our basic freedoms.

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Although all of this is muted by the MSM not covering, it is very plain to see that the hand writing is on the wall. If I am ever judged to be an enemy of the state, it is only long after the state became my enemy with the actions you have described..

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Exactly 220 years ago today, our freedoms were assured when the Bill of Rights became law. Today our freedoms are no longer assured with the passage of this piece of crap. It was bi-partisan so the enemies of the state have both R & D after their names. What a sad day for US and what a tremendous blow to Lady Liberty.

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Come on folks, give them a break. Everyone knows that our comrades at the NEA know all there is to know about educating our children; just ask our dear leader.

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When the ATF provided no surveilance, tracked none of the guns as they walked and made no arrests, there can be no doubt that this was planned as a 'backdoor process - just under the radar' to attack the 2nd Admendment. The ATF, the DOJ, ZERO and his corrupt administration are all clear and present dangers to US as well as to Mexico. We are under seige and there is a massive cover-up by the MSM.