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"You taste like lime!"
"You taste like orange!"
"No, wait, YOU taste like ORANGE!"
"No, wait, YOU taste like BANANA!!"

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Well, that SRT-10 might not exactly be a "downgrade", but it'd make a pretty sweet replacement!

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"And, umm, Fred, you might want to see if you can swap out your desk chair..."

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The vintage D4 kit is pretty good; I've used one since 1979 or so.

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It's the new Secret Evil Headquarters for the next James Bond movie villain.

If it isn't... it should be!

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Bah! The Bruins may only have five championship banners compared to the Celtics' seventeen hanging from the rafters of the TD Garden, but I wouldn't go so far to say that Boston teams *never* win anything. They're on their way to the finals, it'd be a distinct pleasure to see them hoist Lord Stanley's Cup.

Oh yeah, topic, ummm... '66 GTO convertible, marina turquoise blue, white interior, white top, Tri-Power, 4-speed manual, Rally I Wheels, lots of original factory optional goodies, etc etc.

Exterior appearance kinda like this (credit "Brian from Canada" on
1966 GTO Convertible

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Someone forgot the third option outside the circle... "[Na na na na, na na na na,] HEY HEY, GOODBYE!" (The actual lyric goes: "hey hey, kiss him goodbye", and the song is by a band named Steam that did nothing else notable ever.)

Heard often in the bleachers at Fenway Park when some unruly drunken fool gets tossed out of the ballpark by security.

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Around Boston, we have a bunch of "Rotaries", roundabouts yah know.

In Cambridge, there's the Double Donuts of Doom. Two rotaries about 300 feet apart. They spend all of rush hour completely clogged.

In Somerville, next to Tufts University, there's Powderhouse Circle. It has traffic light regulation within the circle for crosswalks that cross through the circle and across the ends of the five feeder/exit roads. Mayhem!

Traffic does flow through, but navigating them successfully is an advanced topic in the Boston Driver's Handbook.