The Queen of Harts

The Queen of Harts


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This is when Collins truly shines as being a truly gifted, and amazing (and crazy and fucked up) author. She writes this chaos so fluidly, that even sitting in the safety of your quiet life, you feel the panic and adrenaline and utter hopelessness of the destruction she's created.

I actually had to re-read this chapter because, not unlike real-life chaos, it all happened so fast, and I was so swept up in it, that I could hardly figure out what happened.

Bravo, Collins - you have a gift, and it's ripping people's hearts out and stomping on them with your words.

This is one of those chapters that stays with you for the rest of your life. You encounter this sort of thing now and then - a powerful scene in a movie, an evocative poem. This chapter definitely fits the bill, at least for me. It's just so powerful that you can't forget it.

One more thing before I stop rambling: How they're going to make this scene fit into a PG-13 movie is beyond me. At least, unlike the grotesque birth scene in Twilight, we always knew war was coming, and this madness fits in with the overall themes of the book.

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This kind of thing just spooks me to no end D: (fascinating read, though, thanks for sharing!)

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This is the part of the book that finally got to me. I was so tough through the whole thing...

And then she took away my Finnick.


I seriously stopped reading for a bit after this, just due to sheer shock. I mean...Finnick couldn't DIE. He had just gotten MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, WHY, COLLINS, WHY!? *sobs*

And here's where I really see how very much I respect Collins as an author: when JKR was killing people at the end of HP7, I felt like a lot of it was forced and/or for dramatic effect. This, though, never struck me as such - this is simply the very real, very brutal, very horrific reality of war.

I, too, was kind of like, "What? That's IT? THAT'S how Finnick goes down?" But at the same time, it's very...real. I mean, this is a war, and in wars, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, skilled people get killed, and it often happens so fast that you don't have time to honour them, or to go through some dramatic emotional scene....everyone just has to run off and keep working at staying alive....and it's awful :(

When I realized you were reaching this chapter, I just shut down because I did NOT want to spoil you D:

I'm so sorry, Mark. ALSO: YOU ARE STILL NOT PREPARED. We warned you.

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All I can safely say is:


Yay Peeta~

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Haha I thought the same. If he's already "I can't. I just can't"-ing now....oh damn. Unprepared times infinity billion.

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I find myself increasingly silent during these passages, because I'm so afraid I'll slip and spoil something :o

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Also: thank you so much for explaining what the hell that "X Highlited........." thing was. I was reading on my Kindle the other day and it confused me to no end. Now I understand. This has been revolutionary to my Kindle-reading experience (lol)

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I loved the beginning of this book - Collins gives us (and Katniss) no rest.

The passage where Katniss walks around thinking, "I killed you...and you....and you..." I thought that was so sad :(

I was also really surprised by the way District 13 behaved. I's kinda silly, but you do expect them to kind of swoop in and save the day, don't you? Being all warm and fuzzy and super-duper, but hey, Collins has never been a timid writer; she throws everything back in our faces. She made District 13 this rigid, cold place run by Coin, who within a few lines makes you snarl at her on the astral plane. That all seriously took me by surprise. I remember reading this first chapter and being like "....oh"

Oooh I'm bouncing with excitement over this :D

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Yaaay predictions :D

Oooh I'm excited for you to start Mockingjay :D Hey Mark - have you heard? You are ~not~ prepared.

Oh, by the way:

The Hunger Games movie release date (subject to change as always, but still super cool):


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This is basically how I feel when I read Mark's reviews XD