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I don't think Iorek was breaking his promise to Lyra. They were fighting him. He said he would kill any who fought back. He told Lyra that, and she was perfectly aware.
(Okay, that was my reasonable version. What I really meant was How dare you insult Iorek's honor like that?!? *fist shake* I've got half a mind to...)

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I hardly think the movie is worth counting. In any way, really.

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Guys, I never liked River.
She's just too old to play the character they want River to be. Prancing around in those bright red pumps, her signature move is lipstick and she is nearly 50. Matt Smith is nearly 30. It just doesn't work, guys.

(Also I find her incredibly obnoxious, but that's just me....)

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Can I also say that I love that he chose two women to make the case for all humanity?

By pointing this out you are creating gender bias. The Doctor did not choose them because they are women, and he SHOULDN'T choose them because they are women. He chose them because they were the right people at the right time at the right place. It had nothing to do with gender and that's how it should be.

Be the change you want to see, Mark. Don't congratulate people for doing what you're telling them they should be doing anyway. Tell them when they're wrong, fight them when they're wrong, but don't tell them that what they're doing right is the exception. By pointing it out you are making it the exception.

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I felt really empty after I finished this book.

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No, when Katniss talks to Heymitch and he's all drunk and sad, and then he's looking for her and she's hiding.... Poor Heymitch and Katniss. D:

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I actually think that this is one of the saddest moments in the entire book. I was crying.

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"Asian culture has long been exoticized. "
Well it is about as different a culture from mine (American) as you can get. Our language and culture share virtually no roots at all.They are other. And I realize that the problem here comes from human intolerance for 'difference and not from the fact that we have differences, but it IS an almost anti-culture to ours. So it is exotic to us.
As I said, I am a white American. I will admit my general ignorance of the culture. But it seems to me that an Asian market is as good as anything else. Why can't it just be the backdrop? No one would be complaining if it were a stereotypical British street. But on second thought, that is different, as British people don't face the same volume or frequency of stereotypes...

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I said what you expect to see, not want to see. I do recognize the difference.
I understand what you're saying about stereotypes and how this is one, but that isn't what Mark said. He didn't say that he had a problem with her because she was a stereotype of an Asian fortune teller. I quoted in my original comment exactly what he said, not to say that this wasn't also something he took issue with.
I'm also going to add that they were in an Asian market, so it makes sense that she would be Asian. In my understanding, which I readily admit could be flawed, you can find these sorts of fortune-tellers in these sorts of markets, especially more touristy sections. I would even go so far as to say she might have been playing up the whole thing, for the tourists.

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"Additionally, I groaned at the whole PERSON OF COLOR TRICKS WHITE PEOPLE INTO RUINING THEIR LIFE thing. NO. No thank you."

OKAY, THIS. This is a prime example of what I was talking about. Your problem, Mark, is that when you think like a hammer the whole world is a nail.

"...and, for all the times this show slips up with its portrayal of people of color..."

It seems to me that, most often, when you see something like this it is because you expect to see it. Every time a 'person of color' is in a negative role it does not have to mean anything racist.
I don't mean to say that you think that, but it doesn't always have to be about skin color.