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I meant to comment on Patreon when I saw it but was on my way somewhere, so here's a slightly delayed but very hearty congratulations, Mark! We'll have to have a massive Mark Reads Community Reads Mark event where for once you're the prepared one!

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Later books: Vg'f fhpu n gval, guebjnjnl qrgnvy (naq V pna'g erzrzore jung obbx/gur rknpg qrgnvyf ng gur zbzrag be jul guvf cnegvphyne qrgnvy fgvpxf va zl urnq!), ohg V'ir nyjnlf jbaqrerq vs gur rttorngre vf fbzrubj eryngrq gb gur rttorngre-ybbxvat jrncba gung fubjf hc bar gvzr nsgre Xvg'f GI fgnegf qvfcynlvat fubjf sebz bgure tnynkvrf.

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Gb or snve, gung'f ubj V ernq gurz fvapr V unq ab vqrn gur Sryvar obbxf rkvfgrq jura V jnf svefg fgnegvat bhg va gur frevrf (V guvax V ernq gurz va jung frrzrq yvxr gur ybat jnvg orgjrra GJQ naq NJN?). Vg jnf xvaq bs arng frrvat gung gurfr punenpgref gung unq oevrsyl fubja hc ba cntr va Xvg naq Avgn'f frevrf tbg gurve bja obbxf naq jbeyq! Nygubhtu lrf, univat Znex ernq Gur Obbx bs Avtug Jvgu Zbba va pnaba beqre jbhyq or terng.

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(Series spoilers) V'z fghpx ba guvf bar yvar: "Jrypbzr gb Lbhat Jvmneqf, V fhccbfr. Rirelguvat vf gelvat gb rng lbh!" orpnhfr onununununun Znex unf ab vqrn.

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Joining in with the chorus of grow grow grow people talking about reading by flashlight at night to say I'm absolutely SURE that's why my eyesight is so horrible and I had to get glasses in the third grade. But it's definitely something I come by honestly: my mother read the first Harry Potter book aloud to the whole family while we were on a roadtrip, and she'd read by tiny little flashlight when it got too dark to see. Dad also talks about how when we were older and reading on our own, he'd look in the rearview mirror of the van and find it blocked because my siblings and I would hold our books up to try to catch the light from people's headlights coming in through the window behind us!

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Yeah, I'm pretty okay with GWP holding up the other things, too! Especially because that's the only book I've never reread, so it'll be quite fun to go through it again with Mark and pick up on things I'm sure I missed the first time.

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As sad as it is to see the Tammy Era drawing to a close, man oh man is this super exciting-Mark is spending MORE time reading my childhood! A friend gave me the first two of these books for my tenth birthday, and many years later, I'm still re-reading all the Young Wizards books at least once a year!

Last I heard, Mark was also reading Obbx bs Avtug jvgu Zbba naq Gb Ivfvg gur Dhrra. Anyone know if this is still happening? (I've been lurking rather than commenting for quite a while and might have missed something about this.)

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Thank you so much!

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Yeah, Kindle's great!