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I was ronabeth (a combination of first and middle names) on aol and everywhere else for a realllllly long time. Then when I grew up (ahem) I switched to holyspit777 for email and such. I don't know, guys, I had a thing about it being my superhero name? I blame my lifelong obsession with puns tbh.

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This is so excellent. Every line in this rings true for me, and I think part of the reason I was similarly obsessed with historical fiction and nonfiction about girls in my own childhood. I could never pinpoint it, but I was always greedy for the parts and perspectives of history that most textbooks and things didn't tell. It's a huge motivation for me in writing nonfiction too, especially this:

Feeling like a part of something, feeling connected to people who lived long ago – it’s powerful stuff, and when people who are typically written out of stories find their way back in, and take you with them, it can be an act of resistance to the homogenizing, violent narrative that cuts out most of humanity.

It sounds goofy, but when I think about how I get to do this for a (very paltry academic publishing) living, I feel so incredibly lucky. I said especially this passage, but I mean especially all of it. Thanks so much for this.

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Ok, so I'm listening to this now and having a really hard time getting the part where (spoiler?) he describes being molested at the age of 7 as if it's some kind of romance. Are there more glowing descriptions of child-adult sex play? I'm not sure I can handle that.

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Thank you for telling me about this. You're a HERO and have made my commute worthwhile.

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ARGH BOOK NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US. I can get the audiobook though, maybe I'll give that a try.

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Well now I want to read this! I read Tinseltown earlier this year and was fascinated (though I had some quibbles with the book itself).

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Orry-Kelly has an autobiography?? ::stampedes to internet book purveyor::

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I listened on audiobook. It definitely had its moments, but in general I didn't like it nearly as much as Life After Life - it was hard to keep focused on it. I finished listened to it out of loyalty, but I was wondering if I'l like it better if I read it, like i did with the first one. I don't know, a month or two out I have lingering ambivalence. :-/

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I sing Hambillton to my dog Bill all the time. I really love "Hambillton doesn't hesitate, he exhibits no restraint, he takes and he takes and he takes," which is applicable about 175,000 times a day, but there's infinite room for elaboration in every song!

I do have a line though. I found it when I got to "I relish being *Bill's* wif--NOPE."

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