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I manage several heavily customized WordPress sites and a big Drupal site at work and they are both awful in their own magical, special ways.

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This is lovely! And the writeup was just excellent -- we're redesigning our website and work and it was a great, readable explanation of all the parts of the process and why they're important, which my boss found really helpful. Unfortunately our content model is just a liiiitle more complex but I'm definitely bookmarking this for clients and future bosses.

I'm curious if you guys are just using the core Users feature for multiple author posts -- i.e. are MATT & JAYA a single author along with MATT and JAYA? I was really hoping someone had finally made an end-all be-all plugin that puts this problem to rest for good.

Also, for some reason Proxima Nova at 17px is rendering with the dot in the lowercase i touching the body for me (in Chrome at widescreen desktop res). Looks fine if I force it to 16 or 18 though.

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I may be a terrifying phantasm but I have a NAME

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Now do one with no Tabasco sauce references

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Allow me to summarize every French comment section on the butt plug installation:

"This is indecent, it's a provocation!"
"How come you know what a butt plug looks like?"

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One of my prouder memories is my brief stint as a science journalist, because several scientists I spoke to actually wrote me to say how happy they were that I had presented their work accurately.

This is also why I have absolutely no patience for bad science journalism, because I know from personal experience that it's not that hard to do right, even if you know fuck all about the scientific discipline in question. (Not to imply that the Maxim writer was a "science journalist")

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For one of them at least! It was called like "American Pie 8" or something but it actually could have also been an unrelated movie that some Russian guy printed that name on so it would sell better, who even knows? I vaguely recall it had at least one of the same actors in it.

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Did anyone ever see one of the later, direct-to-DVD American Pie films* where they flipped this idea on its head? Like the successful frat were these Google/Steve Jobs-style rich nerds on Segways, and the jocks were the uncool beaten-down underdogs? Awful, awful movie but I remember the concept actually got me thinking.

*what can I say, they were hugely popular in the former Soviet Union and I had limited access to anything in English

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Break the mold and don't just spread whatever you can churn out and you'll become rich.

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The name seems a little pat.